Pepsi Ginger Cola

When I first heard about these a few weeks ago, I was disappointed it was going to be available only in Canada. CANADA!!! **shakes fist** But a few days later I learned about Pepsi offering their 1893 Ginger Cola here in the States and I was no longer disappointed. U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! (Spotted by Junk Food Dog at Walmart in Canada.)

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37 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES IN CANADA: Pepsi Ginger Cola”

    1. I posted my review on YouTube Theguruliv. I love ginger ale also but this was so awful I couldn’t finish the drink I had to pour it out!!

    2. Just tried it from a food court restaurant in the Eaton Centre. Completely horrid. Poured some in glasses for 6 of us at work to taste. Same opinion. Not one of us could get past a sip. Smells and tastes like medicine!

    3. It sucks…. really. Go get the Schweppes dark ginger ale. It is by far better than this stuff

      1. Wow! Who ever thought of this one? Terrible, I’m surprised that Pepsi even produces it. Yuck!

  1. I might actually like this… I don’t really like Pepsi, but mostly because I think it’s too sweet and with less flavor complexity than Coke. The spiciness of the ginger might balance out the sweetness, and give it some more complexity.

    I actually saw Fanta Ginger Ale in a soda fountain last week… who knew that existed?

  2. As someone living in Canada I have not seen this. But I have seen the new Blackberry Canada Dry, which might be a Canada only thing.

  3. Why ohhh why would a USA food fan worry about not having something new…you guys / gals get 99.9 of all the KoOL stuff…we miss out on many item’s !!!
    CANADA ..CANADA…C EH N EH D EH !!!!!….

  4. This soda suck me and my mom just had some she thinks it has a odd Medicine like taste to it

  5. This is awful – the ginger taste is extremely overpowering and cloying. I threw out the rest of the case.

  6. Nasty! So bad my kids won’t even drink it! I couldn’t even drink my whole can…down the sink it went! Don’t wast your money…no wonder my 12 pack was on sale.

    1. No it was not on sale because it was bad it was on sale so people would buy and try the new product

  7. It’s ginger cola, not ginger ale…so those that were expecting the “ale” taste? suprize,
    The taste is awful, and the caffeine content is too high IMO

  8. just opened a can now its very good here in Canada saw it for the first time last week in a store near me hope Pepsi Ginger stays

  9. Saw this in Canada and tried it, friggin’ awesome! They need to sell this in the USA!

  10. I actually don’t mind Pepsi Ginger, had a couple bottles that I bought at work (7-Eleven) and then purchased a 12 pack of cans at Wal-Mart. I probably won’t purchase any more after this, but it’s not bad for a change of pace, so I guess to each their own….

    What I have found amazing is the Canada Dry Blackberry Ginger Ale, light berry sweetness to it that complements the ginger ale perfectly! Purchased 3×12 packs, might try to stock up on some more if I can get the chance to do so.

  11. I just tried this for the first time and I actually really enjoy it! I would prefer if it had a heavier carbonation (not enough bubble, tastes flat fairly quickly) but I like it enough to continue to drink it from time to time. I’m not a Pepsi drinker normally, but I am a fan of all things ginger.

  12. I love this stuff. It combines the spiciness of ginger beer with the sweetness of Pepsi. I can see why some people don’t like it though (especially children) as Ginger Beer is an acquired taste. I find it refreshing (as long as it is cold), and it seems to settle the stomach which is nice. I’ve only had 591ml bottles so far. I’m going to hunt for a 12 pack on my next day off.

  13. Save On Foods had some of the small cans 2/1.00, so I picked one up. I love ginger, and had high hopes for it.

    I find it – gross. Far too much ginger – if they halved it, it would be a good combination.

    Fifty cents wasted, but I at least I get five of those back for the can. 😉

  14. Tastes like PF Changs ginger beer. Freaking spicy! Would be good for an upset stomach though

  15. If you bought a case and hate it, keep it and use it as chase. The ginger is strong enough to overpower ANYTHING.

  16. Wow, you North Americans have no idea what a real Ginger Ale/Beer is meant to taste like. This Pepsi is the most authentic thing I’ve ever tasted up here short of making it myself. Every single other ginger ale tastes no better than a slightly less sweet sprite. Seriously though, have a few cans. It grows on you quickly, especially on a hot summers day 😉

  17. Agreed with Nick there, Canadian and I gotta say Pepsi ginger by far exceeded my expectations in regards to the strong flavour accompanied by the smooth burn of ginger. It’s my absolute favorite drink and I don’t even know what I’d do without it now. I am a stoner so maybe a lil bud may make it exceed your expectations too 🙂

  18. I love it and enjoy the taste can’t find it in the stores now was really getting addicted to it .not a happy camper now

  19. Ginger ale has no real flavour. Pepsi ginger tastes good has bite. Don’t drink Pepsi products, this tastes like good ginger beer. Impressed.

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