SPOTTED ON SHELVES IN AUSTRALIA: Arnott’s Limited Edition Mocktail Tim Tam

Arnott's Espresso Martini Tim Tam

Arnott’s Espresso Martini Tim Tam

Arnott's Strawberry Champagne Tim Tam

Arnott’s Strawberry Champagne Tim Tam

Arnott's Pina Colada Tim Tam

Arnott’s Pina Colada Tim Tam

There’s also a Virgin Chocolicious Velvet Mudslide flavor. I wonder if Oreo would take the mocktail route. I could see a Pina Colada Oreo. (Spotted by Jason at Woolworths in Australia.)

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3 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES IN AUSTRALIA: Arnott’s Limited Edition Mocktail Tim Tam”

  1. Pina colada oreos would be a good idea. They could just swirl the pineapple and coconut creme together on a golden wafer. No brainer

  2. I want to try the espresso and mudslide flavors. Any chance of these coming to the states? I’ve only seen two kinds here.

  3. I get Tim Tams all the time at Target. I wish we would get some exclusive flavors to try. The strawberry champagne sounds delicious!

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