PODCAST: The Nosh Show #76 Too Much Fiber

In this episode, Eric, Dubba, Ryan, and I explore Baskin-Robbins’ upcoming Polar Pizzas, two future Chips Ahoy flavors, Fiber One Ice Cream, Ryan’s time visiting Baskin-Robbins’ headquarters, and much more.

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2 thoughts to “PODCAST: The Nosh Show #76 Too Much Fiber”

  1. Good episode, guys. Well done reviews and a bunch of funny jabs & zingers throughout. I just gave one small gripe … Well, not really a gripe, more of a notice of an error. In the episode description, it states that you’ll be discussing 2 upcoming Oreo products when, in fact, they’re actually 2 upcoming Chips Ahoy products. Again, not a gripe, because I happen to be MORE excited that they’re chewy chips ahoy cookies instead, but just thought you may have wanted to know, in case you were unaware.

    Keep up the good work, guys. Thanks.

    1. Ugh. What a total fail on my part. I’m sorry about that. I guess we talk about Oreo cookies so much that it’s like muscle memory or something. 🙂 Thanks for pointing that out.

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