SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Mountain Dew DEWcision 2016 Pitch Black and Baja Blast

Mountain Dew DEWcision 2016 Pitch Black

Mountain Dew DEWcision 2016 Baja Blast

I’d like Pitch Black to win DEWcision 2016 because I can already get Baja Blast at Taco Bell. So if it loses and disappears from shelves, no big whoop. Go to Taco Bell and get it with my combo #9. (Spotted by Spencer at Kroger and Tim at Walmart.)

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7 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Mountain Dew DEWcision 2016 Pitch Black and Baja Blast”

  1. I’ve been getting my fill of PB at Speedway. Pitch Black Frozen is quite awesome, but not all the stores had it and been getting the fountain. Mmmm..

    I still have 1/2, maybe more of a case? of Baja in my garage. Got boring after a bit.

    1. Baja got boring pretty quickly for me last summer. Sangrita really grew on me, though. Wish it were in the running for… whatever this is, but I’m looking forward to refreshing my memory about Pitch Black.

  2. Wish there was diet versions of these drinks. It’s nice that these came back, though!

  3. yes, but if baja goes of shelf mtn dew isnt makeing it anymore so taco bell wont have baja at all.

    1. Are you sure… Cause then I might actually vote for Baja Blast can’t live without that stuff XD I was totally on the idea of having it in Taco Bell and Pitch Black in stores…

  4. I drinking some Mtn Dew Pitch Black right now. It tasted like any other grape soda I’ve had.

  5. I doubt if Baja Blast loses it will not be at Taco Bell anymore, it was at Taco Bell for a long time before it was ever on the shelf. I hope Pitch Black wins and it should have never been taken off the shelves in the first place. Pitch Black is much better as well than the Pitch Black II that came out for Halloween the year after Pitch Black.

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