SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Fage Crossovers Greek Yogurt

Fage Crossovers (Maple Syrup with Ancient Grain Granola and Caramel with Honey Roasted Salted Almonds)

Fage Crossovers (Maple Syrup with Ancient Grain Granola and Caramel with Honey Roasted Salted Almonds)

Fage Crossovers Greek Yogurt (Coconut with Dark Chocolate Droplets and C

Fage Crossovers Greek Yogurt (Coconut with Dark Chocolate Droplets and Carrot Ginger with Roasted Pistachios

Fage Crossovers Greek Yogurt Coconut Curry with Roasted Cashews

Fage Crossovers Greek Yogurt Coconut Curry with Roasted Cashews

Fage Crossovers (Tomato Basil with Roasted Almonds and Olive Thyme with Roasted Almonds)

Fage Crossovers (Tomato Basil with Roasted Almonds and Olive Thyme with Roasted Almonds)

Each container has two compartments. One has Greek yogurt and the other has a crunchy topping. If Chobani didn’t come up with their Flip line, I imagine these would’ve been called Fage Flip. (Spotted by Rachel C at Target and Carla at Fred Meyer.)

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23 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Fage Crossovers Greek Yogurt”

  1. Every time I see this brand name, I want to pronounce it like “phage,” which is like a shorthand for a bacterial infection (bacteriophage.) So yeah, that’s probably why I haven’t tried a cup of it. Interested in the coconut curry flavor, though.

    1. Same here, I won’t buy their stuff because of their name. Worst company name of all time, no one knows how to say it. And like the other commenter says, horrible flavors.

      1. Fage, or “????” in Greek, literally means “to eat”. I thought the name was super clever because I’m Greek and know what it means! I can see how it’s a bit of a turnoff with people pronouncing it “Faggy” “Fayge” (like sage) and a few others that I can’t even spell phonetically. The coconut curry yogurt is actually very tasty. I have the tomato basil, too but haven’t tried it yet.

        1. Actually one of my favorite things to do right now is go into the grocery store and ask if they have the faggy yogurt. You should see the looks I get.

          1. Hey Mr. cool! Thanks for giving me the biggest belly laugh I’ve had in WAY too long. I’m still giggling as this is being typed & can only imagine what will happen when i see it in a store. OH MY!!

  2. Am I going to be the only one to addres the elephant in the room, half of these flavors sound vile. Tomato basil with almonds? Coconut curry? Maybe I’m being too old-fashioned by associating yogurt with breakfast.

    1. The tomato basil and coconut curry ARE VILE. My husband and I tried both and we want our taste buds back.

    2. The Tomato Basil and Olive Thyme taste like healthier versions of veggie dip. I really like them. I’m eating the carrot and pistachio right now and I’m pretty sure I’m not going to buy it again… haven’t tried the coconut curry, though.

  3. I had the caramel one and it was delicious – way better than Chobani Flips! However, yeah, the other flavors just don’t appeal to me (apart from the coconut/chocolate one).

    1. I just tried the coconut curry with cashews. Absolutely delicious. I agree with Fran, it was way, way, way better than any Chobani Flip I ever tried!

  4. Eating the Carrot Ginger yoghurt (all smooth) with pistachios in the side cup, right now. It’s pretty good. Different and takes a little getting used to. Pistachios are quite salty so that adds a kick as does the ginger. A nice alternative to all the sweet stuff out there, but I don’t think there is a large enough market for these flavors to it profitable and on the shelves for long. That would be too bad as it is nice to have a ‘hearty’ yoghurt alternative. Perhaps Fage can offer some recipe ideas to use these in cooking? Love Fage Yoghurt fruity flavors too.

  5. I’m enjoying the olive thyme with roasted almonds as a dip with baby carrots.
    The idea of savory yogurt flavors appeals to me because most of the sweet yogurt flavors are excessively sweet for me.

  6. The maple syrup one with granola is absolutely delicious! MUCH better than chobani or any other granola+yogurt combos. All the other flavors looks a little bit too adventurous for me…

  7. I love the caramel and roast almonds. The maple and granola was just meh. Little to no actual maple flavor. 🙁 I REALLY wanted to enjoy the carrot. I was actually very excited for breakfast that morning. And then utter disappointment. It tasted like window cleaner. How is that possible? What a strange, astringent taste! And I love ALL the components, so this was extra confusing.
    I’m hoping to find the olive and thyme soon.
    Fage is smoother and arguably less sour/tart than Chobani in terms of the yogurt itself. But so far, Chobani is winning the Flips/Crossovers war.

  8. Just tried the Coconut/Dark Chocolate droplets and I think the overall quality if far superior to the similar Chobani flavor. I only bought it because the Chobani flavor was out – it often is – and was looking for a substitute.

    I can’t wait to find/try all of the other flavors – I’m going to bet the savory flavors could be easily used in recipes with chicken or pork or as a “creme fraich” type dollop on soups.

    Or as many others said, a dip for veggies.

    Product quality is great and I’m glad to have found them.

  9. I do like the Fage yogurt and decided to try the coconut curry and tomato basil. I woke up this morning and it was the only yogurt in the refrigerator so decided to try. Took one taste and decided that it definitely was not breakfast food. Might be good as a dip later in the day.

  10. OMG – the Olive Oil and Thyme flavored yogurt is VILE – who came up with flavor?? I wanted to vomit it was so awful.

  11. I second Tom Johnson’s opinion! I took one spoonful and threw it in the garbage…that stuff was NASTY! Did they not do a taste test while in development? That flavor should never have left the test kitchen. I predict these “savory” flavors will go bye bye soon.

  12. I love the savory flavors! I am not a fan of sweet foods unless it’s specifically for dessert. I hope they stick around!

  13. Has anyone seen these lately? I love the carrot/pistachio one and the coconut Thai one but haven’t been able to locate them at my local Safeway stores lately. Love the sweet/salty aspect.

  14. Can’t find Fage Crossovers in ANY store within a 10-mile radius. Does anybody know what’s up?

  15. My local supermarket discontinued carrying the Fage Crossovers about two months ago – very sad. My wife found the caramel with almonds at Target yesterday and I just enjoyed it for my mid-morning snack. SO much better than the Chobani Flips (in my opinion).

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