SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Cinnamon Roll, Red Velvet, Double Chocolate, and Berry Berry Patriotic WaffleWaffle

Cinnamon Roll WaffleWaffle

Red Velvet WaffleWaffle

Double Chocolate WaffleWaffle

Berry Berry Patriotic WaffleWaffle

I’ve never heard of WaffleWaffle before, but I WannaWanna eat some now. According to the WaffleWaffle WebsiteWebsite, these are exclusive WalmartWalmart flavors. (Spotted by Carla at Walmart.)

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7 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Cinnamon Roll, Red Velvet, Double Chocolate, and Berry Berry Patriotic WaffleWaffle”

  1. $4 for 4 waffles? that’s crazy . i’d rather pay $4 for a whole bag of de wafelbakkers pancakes

    1. They’re real Belgian waffles – from Liege. They have sugar bits in the batter. You really don’t need syrup.

  2. Waffle waffles are absolutely delicious. Heads up though if people are watching calories like I do – they tend to be quite heavier than what the package says (close to 300 calories a waffle, although it used to be worse). I might try the cinnamon one if I find them (but yes, they’re never on sale sadly).

    1. Hi All,

      Thank you for posting about the product. I work with WaffleWaffle. We recently launched 4 exclusive flavors for Walmart: Cinnamon Roll, BerryBerry Patriotic, Red Velvet, & Double Chocolate.

      We will be running some promotions and offering some coupons through our social media platforms on Facebook and Instagram (WaffleWaffle & MyWaffleWaffle). Check us out!!

      Additionally we will be giving away a bunch of great gear and free waffles, so stay tuned!

      To answer some of your questions, our waffles are Belgian-style waffles with an American twist. Each waffle does have Pearl Sugar mixed in, which gives it a nice sweetness, so syrup is “optional.” I always that there is no wrong way to enjoy a WaffleWaffle. In fact, if you find a great way to enjoy, take a pic and send it to us, or use the hashtag #MyWaffleWaffle. We will be sure to reply, repost, and keep you in the loop for our free gear give aways! I love all of your comments, appreciate the support, and hope you all can help us to spread the word about WaffleWaffle. I really hope you all enjoy the product. We care so much about creating a product that tastes great, is unique, can be enjoyed any time of day, anywhere, and makes people (both kids and adults) happy!

      PS – Thank you to for posting about our brand!


  3. THEY ARE AWESOME You can eat them cold or hote they are soft & crunchy great snack or quick breakfast

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