SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Pillsbury Girl Scouts Thin Mints and Caramel & Coconut Baking Mixes

Pillsbury Girl Scouts Thin Mints Cupcake Mix and Brownie Mix

Pillsbury Girl Scouts Caramel & Coconut Blondie Mix and Cupcake Mix

Hmm. Pillsbury used the generic “caramel & coconut” instead of Caramel deLites or Samoas. Interesting. (Spotted by John W at Walmart.)

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3 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Pillsbury Girl Scouts Thin Mints and Caramel & Coconut Baking Mixes”

  1. I just received an email from Pillsbury about these new products. Synchronicity? Serendipity?

  2. Turns out Thin Mints is the only cookie name trademark owned by Girls Scouts of the USA. The rest of the names are owned by one of the 2 bakeries who make the cookies. So Girl Scouts and/or Pillsbury would actually have to license the Caramel deLite or Somoa name from the bakery.

    Also the mix seems to be lacking the chocolate stripe of the traditional cookie.

  3. I spotted these at the local Kroger and , based on other Pillsbury products i have tried and being a fan of the Samoas Girl scout cookies, i decided to try the Caramel and Coconut blondie mix.

    The flavor of this blondie mix is awful! … when i took my first bite, initially there was a bitterness to the treat but as the cookie dissolved on my tongue, the flavor changed to a chemical-like (or “soap-y” like Palmolive dish soap) flavor.

    I worried that maybe i had done something wrong but after reviewing the feedback of customers on other web sites (like Amazon and even Pillsbury’s own web site) ..after seeing dozens and dozens of reviewers saying the cookie tasted like “chemicals” , “soap” , and even a few described it as ‘vomit’, i realized that the problem is with the product itself.

    I encourage one and all to avoid this product.. just stick with the official girl scout cookies..

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