BACK ON SHELVES: Totino’s Stuffed Nachos (Queso and Supreme)

Totino's Stuffed Nachos (Queso and Supreme)

Update: We reviewed the Supreme flavor! Click here to read our review.

Totino’s originally introduced Stuffed Nachos in 1996 and discontinued them several years later. The original line had flavors like Taco, Nacho Cheese, and Grande. I don’t know if Queso or Supreme were also original flavors. If you’ve had the original Totino’s Stuffed Nachos let us know what you remember about them in the comments. (Spotted by Karri F at Meijer.)

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4 thoughts to “BACK ON SHELVES: Totino’s Stuffed Nachos (Queso and Supreme)”

  1. They did not have that ridged texture going on, and looked a lot like a plump yellow corn tortilla chip. I cannot express how excited I am that these are back though, I used to live off of the nacho cheese ones and pepperoni pizza rolls!

  2. Publix has them Bogo right now, the had supreme, questions, and pepperoni Pizza logs too, but I didn’t see the ‘Beefy’ version tho like the weekly ad mentioned, wondering if another Publix might have them? makes no reference to any of these (other sites will tell you which store have what)

  3. I tried the queso variety. These do NOT taste like the nacho cheese in the past, definitely not as good. Why did they have to change the filling!!!! I loved the old nacho cheese.

  4. Both products have bell peppers in them? Does this vile vegetable have to be in EVERYTHING? The Supreme made sense but not the regular. Ah well, it’s not easy finding these or also breakfast products without the peppers in them. So most times I either must cook it myself or go fast food route lol

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