SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Bit-O-Honey Chocolate

Bit-O-Honey Chocolate

You Millennials might not know what Bit-O-Honey is. Go ask your grandparents. If you do, they might say, “In my day there was also a Bit-O-Chocolate. Are these the same?” If that happens just shrug. (Spotted by Dale M at B.A. Sweetie.)

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5 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Bit-O-Honey Chocolate”

    1. I do. They’re delicious. It’s honey and a nut.. I want to say.. almond? LOVE them. They’re not sickly sweet and last a while for chewing.

      The individually wrapped ones are easier to open than the ones in a candy bar form. I always seem to have to pick out the wax paper in those..

  1. I LOVE the classic Bit O Honeys!! People who hate them usually have encountered the super rock hard stale ones that are no longer fresh. If you get a chewy one, it’s like the best candy experience ever. Glad someone agrees with me, Bojangles!! 🙂

  2. I found the chocolate Bit-O-Honey’s at Menard’s here in MN this week. Thought that they would either be really good or really bad. I brought them into work and EVERYONE is eating them! They are great! I love the regular Bit-O-Honey’s so it’s fun to have a different flavor!

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