SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Velveeta Cheesy Bites (Original and Salsa con Queso)

Velveeta Cheesy Bites (Original and Salsa con Queso)

Those Cheesy Bites on the boxes look like they’re throwing up cheese after eating Velveeta Cheesy Bites. (Spotted by Carla at Walmart.)

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8 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Velveeta Cheesy Bites (Original and Salsa con Queso)”

  1. Just tried to make these.. Opened the bag n found like 4-5 lumps of burnt something in the bag.. Big turn off!

  2. Tried making these. Reason I say tried is the cheese oozed out before they were done. Cheese tasted pretty good though.

  3. They are okay. All the cheese oozes out before they are done and they remind me of biting into a chicken nugget just filled with cheese.

  4. I purchased these Cheesy Bites and no one liked them. The cheese was good but the batter was to thick and bland. Will not buy or recommend!

  5. HORRIBLE! Don’t fall for the VELVEETA BRAND NAME scam! All the cheese oozes out and everything else is grossly mushy!??

  6. They are horrible! So much sodium and the cheese oozes out so quick and fake cheese! Few pieces in the box and not worth it! Nasty!

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