SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Caribbean Citrus Doritos

Caribbean Citrus Doritos

I’m going to guess “Caribbean Citrus” contains lime. (Spotted by Junk Food Dog at Costco.)

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6 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Caribbean Citrus Doritos”

  1. Caribbean Citrus jerk was the test flavor number 404 in the Bold Flavor Experiment that Doritos ran in 2014. I wonder if this is the same flavor sans jerk lol.

  2. Grabbed these two weeks ago at Costco. Hopefully it was just bad quality control within a small batch and you’ll have better luck…but within my bag, roughly 90% of the chips were essentially naked- no flavor dust on them whatsoever. Which really sucked…nobody wants plain Doritos, the flavor dust is the whole point! The ones with dust did taste pretty good, but there weren’t enough of them to really form an opinion of the Caribbean Citrus flavor itself.

  3. Wow I really want this in a smaller bag since I absolutely hate Jacked Doritos so I never got to try these out.

  4. My god i loved these when we were able to test them. But they disappeared so quickly it made me really sad. What i liked to do with them was dip them in Red Wine Vinegar and they would taste like heaven. I really hope i can find these somewhere other then Costco.

  5. Just purchased these today. DISGUSTING! I love all Doritos, but these taste awful. They taste like lemon-lime poultry seasoning. Like sage and citrus. So gross. I will be returning them.

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