SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Betty Crocker Limited Edition Frosted Mocha Brownie Mix

Betty Crocker Limited Edition Frosted Mocha Brownie Mix

Every time Betty Crocker comes out with a new limited edition baking mix, I just want to break out my butter, eggs, mixer, baking pans, and apron, and then yell, “Let’s go!” Just kidding. I just want someone to make it for me. I’m lazy. (Spotted by Sylvia at Walmart.)

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4 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Betty Crocker Limited Edition Frosted Mocha Brownie Mix”

  1. I bought this a few days ago and made them last night. The frosting smells and tastes like spray paint. HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!! I am throwing them out. I don’t think they are even safe to eat.

  2. I found these in Safeway, in the back of the store on a discount rack. Bought the last 3 boxes. I made a batch this past weekend, they weren’t bad. I have a homemade recipe for cappuccino brownies which I prefer, but these are good in a pinch. I thought the frosting was ok, it has a nice coffee flavor, not horribly sweet; but the packet they give you is pretty small. All-in-all a good purchase for a clearance price.

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