SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Cheetos Snowflakes White Cheddar

Cheetos Snowflakes White Cheddar

It ain’t easy being able to shape your crunchy cheese snacks like snowflakes. (Spotted by Dave C at Walmart.)

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3 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Cheetos Snowflakes White Cheddar”

  1. A couple weeks ago, I found some Cheetos White Cheddar Snowflakes and I absolutely can’t get enough of them. Since I’ve told so many people how great they are, as of this morning, there was only one bag left and am wondering if you are going to make more of these yummy snacks in the future. They are so fresh and so good. I do hope you will consider making more. BTW, I at least got the last bag on the shelf this morning. I got that at our local Walmart in Dixon, Il.
    Thanks for a really great product – and so appropriate for this time of the year.

    1. I found them on sale for $2.49 at an Acme supermarket while on a white cheddar cheese search in NJ yesterday. Obviously, a seasonal product, so they should be on the shelf through winter. Has a 1/17/2017 expiration date, which is about the shelf life of most bagged snack foods. Pretty standard dietary content: 160 calories/oz., 90 calories from fat, 270 mg of sodium. That said, and while fat and salt taste good, I found the cheddar flavor less intense than many other white cheddar cheese snacks, so they were less gratifying. I will not buy them again after I finish the second bag today.

  2. I live In Stockbridge, GA 39281
    I found one bag at Wal-Mart on Hudson Bridge Rd. I can not find anymore. Where are they. Oooh, they are so good. They are so cheesy, light and tasteful. Where are they?

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