SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Little Debbie Eggnog Cake Rolls

Little Debbie Eggnog Cake Rolls

Oooh, eggnog-flavored filling. (Spotted by Chris N at Walmart.)

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6 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Little Debbie Eggnog Cake Rolls”

  1. I bought these and was highly disappointed. The flavor was so fake and strong, I couldn’t finish one.

  2. I’m begging ya…please Little Debbie people STOP making these! These are the worst. I can’t even describe the flavor, but sure isn’t eggnog. My 23 year old son in college will and does eat everything and even he could not finish one! The raccoons in my back yard sure enjoyed them, tho!

  3. Not sure what Kim’s or Young at Heart’s problem was, these were great. Egg nog flavor varies from product to product even for ACTUAL EGG NOG, so maybe their expectations were unrealistic. Actually real egg nog can be very rich and heavy but these were light and refreshing. I usually don’t do a lot of egg nog over the holidays but I thought they has the perfect taste for the season and would like to see them again next year.

  4. Live in Springfield Mo and we’ve bought several boxes of these after they stopped making Pumpkin Rolls. We like them a lot now all we can find are candy cane flavored which taste gross. Be careful if u want these Because box looks very similar. Merry Christmas everyone!*????

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