SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Chobani Flip Coffee Brownie Bliss Greek Yogurt

Chobani Flip Coffee Brownie Bliss Greek Yogurt

Chobani Flip Coffee Brownie Bliss Greek Yogurt 2

I wasn’t a fan of Chobani’s coffee yogurt, but I want to try this. Its description on the lid makes it hard to resist. (Spotted by Rachel C at Smiths.)

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5 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Chobani Flip Coffee Brownie Bliss Greek Yogurt”

  1. I Loved The Coffee So Was Excited To Find The Coffee Brownie Bliss Which I Purchased 4 Cartons From Vons. Garbage! It Has No Coffee Flavor, Taste Is Non Descript, Has A Few Tiny Choc. Chips and LOTS Of ‘Rice Crispies?
    NO Brownie Bits Anywhere…What’s Up With The Rice Crispies?

  2. They changed the name/ingredients in this yogurt. I recently went to go buy some more and saw the name was changed from Coffee Break Bliss to Coffee Brownie Bliss and instead of chocolate chips had “mocha brownie” bits. They also have different biscotti bits that aren’t nearly as good as they used to be. I personally prefer Coffee Break Bliss over Coffee Brownie Bliss.

    1. I totally agree and am so bummed. The coffee break bliss was one of my favorites. The amaretto flavoring in the coffee brownie one is overwhelming – nowhere near as good… and the added bonus of SIX more grams of sugar! Bring back coffee break bliss! (and peachy pistachio while you’re at it…)

  3. They replaced the coffee break bliss (which I loved and was my favorite) with this (which sucks)! 🙁 Bring back cofee break bliss

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