COMING SOON: Hostess Ice Cream

Hostess Ice Cream copy

This year, we saw Hostess expand out of the baked goods aisle with the introduction of Deep Fried Twinkies in the frozen food section. Next year, we’ll see more Hostess-branded products in the freezer aisle when Hostess Ice Cream hits shelves.

According to Berry on Dairy, Hostess is partnering with Nestle to offer ice cream pints that feature popular Hostess products. The three varieties are Cupcakes, Sno Balls, and, of course, Twinkies.

Twinkies Ice Cream features sweet buttercream-flavored ice cream, sponge cake pieces, and a vanilla frosting swirl. Cupcakes Ice Cream combines chocolate ice cream, cake pieces, and a cream frosting swirl. Sno Balls Ice Cream has a marshmallow-flavored ice cream, chocolate cake pieces, and a whipped coconut swirl.

Wondering about Nestle’s ice cream history? It owns Häagen-Dazs, Dreyer’s/Edy’s, Skinny Cow, and Drumsticks.

7 thoughts to “COMING SOON: Hostess Ice Cream”

  1. This is actual ice cream and not frozen dairy dessert? I’d be interested in 2 of those flavors if they’re not horrible.

  2. Just tried the Cupcake. Shouldn’t have expected too much. It’s…okay. Nothing special. Just like the cupcakes! It was on sale for 3/$10 so worth a shot.

  3. I live in Tamarac, FL. Very close to Coral Springs and ft. Lauderdale!
    Where can I find it – I’ve tried publix – Winn dixie-walmart and no one has it!!!! I am a huge hostess cupcake fan so I can just imagine how great the ice cream is!! Please get back to me asap

  4. I bought the cup cake ice cream and omg me and my husband love it !!!! Can’t wait to try the other ones

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