SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Limited Edition Haribo Gold-Bears Cherry, Watermelon, and Apple

Limited Edition Haribo Gold-Bears Cherry

Limited Edition Haribo Gold-Bears Watermelon

Limited Edition Haribo Gold-Bears Apple

These limited edition flavors are part of the Haribo Gold-Bears New Flavor Vote Sweepstakes. I’m not sure what the winning flavor gets. Does it replace one of the flavors? Does it get to bite off the heads of the losing flavors? You can learn more about the sweepstakes prizes and rules on the Haribo website. (Spotted by Josh G at Five Below and Sergio at Walgreens.)

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22 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Limited Edition Haribo Gold-Bears Cherry, Watermelon, and Apple”

  1. GOT ONE: !!
    (Sorry couldn’t resist ^^)

    Since i’m blessed with the apple gummi bears beeing a “normal” flavor in the german Gold-Bears, the cherry ones beeing a normal flavor in the “Juicy Gold-Bears”-version (25% Fruit juice in it) and Cherry & Melon beeing part of the fan choosen “Fan Edition”, i already tried all three flavors and i’m really curious which flavor the US will choose as it’s favorite ^^

    I love Melon as flavor, so it’s not surprising that my favorites are the Melon Gummi Bears. But I also like the cherry ones and the apple ones. They are more than solid, deliver the flavor really well and you can actually say all three are on the same level. It all depends on indiviual preferences. (except for the apple flavor but more in a second). You love cherry and never really liked watermelon? Than you will probably go with cherry. You like digging into a bowl full of cherries, also like melon, but cherry a bit more? You’ll most likely go for the watermelon flavor.

    And apple? Yeah… i like the flavor a lot and though a lot of people around me hate the flavor due to the fact that it took the place of the strawberry flavor (IN COLOR! There still is strawberry in the packages, but it’s red now and not green anymore), i still think it’s pretty good.
    BUT! We here don’t have that much apple flavored candy (especially gummi candy). So it’s hard for me to say if the flavor is really good and is really delivering the apple flavor well. Considering all the Apple and apple/caramel flavors you have in the US the flavor could be a bit…. yeah common? Bland? Or just not good. For me it tastes like apple and has the distinctive artifical gummi bear taste. ^^
    But hopefully a review will tell how the apple flavor is comparing to other apple flavored candy! ^^

    1. Check your Super Walmart! I found all 3 today I like Apple but I still have to try Cherry then Watermelon! I still think Germany has the best gummi bears in the world!!

      1. True that they really do, I dont know how they make their gummies ,but the flavor really comes through .

  2. I think the watermelon ones are GREAT!!! The only problem is….. I can’t find them anywhere now. Found them st the Famil Dollar store but haven’t found them anywhere since ?

  3. I found new flavors at Target end cap in the toy section. I purchased all 3 bags. 2 watermelon 1 sour apple. I’ve been back to target so far the end cap has not been restocked. Boo! Target in Ventura

  4. The Watermelon and Cherry is the Bomb!!!! I found them in Walgreens. Didn’t have a great stock of them I hope the Limited Edition becomes permanent.

  5. I love love love the Cherry gold-bears. I found them at our local Walgreens. I hope they always keep them in stock!

  6. Walgreens has all 3 flavors – I’m voting Cherry however a lot of people enjoy the unique flavor of Watermelon

  7. I bought all 3 flavors to try.

    Apple tasted best.

    Watermelon is meh, tastes like watermelon candy flavor which never really tastes of actual watermelon.

    Cherry I’m not a fan of. The flavor didn’t remind me of cherry at all.

  8. I found them at the five below store in the candy corner. The only place I have found so far to have all the candies I grew up with. I’ve tried all three flavors of the new gummies. I am not a big fan of fake cherry flavors. So the cherry gummy didn’t change my mind. The apple was amaaazzing! But the watermelon was AWESOME! I hope I am able to vote for both of those.
    I wish Jolly Ranchers had bags of just apple and watermelon. If any has seen those let me know.

  9. My grandkids tried every store we past for the watermelon flavor in order to vote. We never found them. I know it’s too late to vote, but they still would like to try the watermelon, can you help????? Name of store would be greatly appreciated. Thank-you

  10. My favorite is PINEAPPLE!!! Need a Tropical Mix for the Sumner!!! That would be AWESOME

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