SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Gatorade Flow (Kiwi Strawberry, Blackberry Wave, and Citrus Crash)

Gatorade Flow (Kiwi Strawberry, Blackberry Wave, and Citrus Crash)

I didn’t know athletes were clamoring for a smooth finish with their Gatorade. I’ve never said to myself, “Damn, that Gatorade is harsh going down.” (Spotted by Gary A at Acme.)

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10 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Gatorade Flow (Kiwi Strawberry, Blackberry Wave, and Citrus Crash)”

  1. Found at a Kroger in Ohio. This is so good! I personally thought the other flavors were too harsh.

  2. Spotted at sentry foods Port Washington Wisconsin. i bought the Blackberry Way and it is not bad just not much of any blackberry flavor

  3. So smooth! So easy to drink! My lil boy was sick and had a sore throat and he chugged a kiwi strawberry. LOVE THE NEW FLOW!

  4. found at a gas station at a chicago suburb. i bought the blackberry wave flavor. it tastes meh. it tastes like those artificially flavored juicy juice boxes. not a fan
    i dont see the point of this product. the other flavors were fine.

  5. There is some stuff floating in the blackberry wave bottle that looks like sperm. Is it supposed to look like that? Someone please respond and thanks!

  6. Its hard to drink the other one it would give a burning sensation where I could only get a maybe 3 sips in. I live this new flow series its easy to drink. This series is perfect when your not feeling well also. My favorite flavor is the blackberry wave.

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