COMING SOON: Nestle Sweet & Salty Snack Mixes

Nestle Sweet  Salty Snack Mixes

In 2015, Hershey’s Snack Mixes made their debut with Hershey’s milk chocolate and Reese’s varieties. In 2016, the company expanded the line with Take 5 and Almond Joy versions.

Perhaps seeing the success Hershey’s has had with their Snack Mixes, Nestle will be coming out with their own. There will be three varieties: Butterfinger, Buncha Crunch, and Raisinets.

The Butterfinger one will have Butterfinger crumbles, graham cracker cookies, Toll House peanut butter flavored morsels, and peanuts. The Buncha Crunch will have Buncha Crunch pieces, chocolate chip cookies, Toll House Premier White Morsels and peanuts. Finally, the Raisinets version will have milk chocolate Raisinets, shredded coconut, and peanuts.

5 thoughts to “COMING SOON: Nestle Sweet & Salty Snack Mixes”

  1. I just tried the Raisinets Snack Mix. I was very disappointed. It has way too much coconut and not much sweet or salty taste. I will stick with Kar’s Sweet and Salty.

  2. I just tried the Raisinets Snack Mix. I just knew this was going to be a treat. Wrong! The snack mix is full of coconut and not enough peanuts or raisins. Very disappointed!!

  3. The coconut shavings were as tough as leather! Peanuts were stale and there was only a few raisinets!

  4. experimentei todos nos USA, simplesmente amei.
    mas não encontro no Brasil, nem em site,
    estou muito desapontada.
    solta logo, assim fico feliz.
    se nao for pedir muito, quando estará
    disponivel aqui no Brasil???

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