SPOTTED ON SHELVES IN CANADA: Post Banana Bread Shreddies Cereal

Post Banana Bread Shreddies Cereal

This Canadian cereal has got me thinking about how General Mills should come out with a Banana Bread Toast Crunch Cereal. (Spotted by Kristen at Walmart in Canada.)

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8 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES IN CANADA: Post Banana Bread Shreddies Cereal”

  1. Absolutely Marvo! General Mills should definitely come out with that! Until then, I need a Canadian friend (or reasonably priced online Canadian merchant lol) to ship me a box of this!

  2. Is banana/banana bread a springtime flavour trend, now? I seem to recall banana-flavoured snacks coming out last year towards the end of winter, as well.

  3. I tried these today. Did not like them, they are overly sweet and have a crappy artificial banana flavour, and I like artificial banana! Even though the box claims there is no artificial flavours, these just did not taste right. I much prefer regular shreddies.

  4. OK I tried them and it has a faint taste of Banana and all the taste of shreddies. I like more the honey one or Vanilla Crunch one

  5. They were terrible. The banana flavour was extremely overwhelming and obviously artificial. We threw the whole box out.

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