SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Hostess Chocolate Cake Twinkies, White Fudge Ding Dongs, and Peanut Butter Ho Hos

Hostess Chocolate Cake Twinkies

Hostess White Fudge Ding Dongs

Hostess Peanut Butter Ho Hos

I really think Hostess should introduce all future limited edition flavors in these smaller packs instead of a box of 9-10. Because if it isn’t good, we’re stuck with 8-9 filling-filled treats we don’t want to eat. (Spotted by Jason P at Walmart and David Putnam at Get Go.)

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10 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Hostess Chocolate Cake Twinkies, White Fudge Ding Dongs, and Peanut Butter Ho Hos”

  1. Alright… now i have to ask… i wonder for such a long time, that i have to embarass myself here:

    I didn’t grew up with all of them and since today i was only able to “sneak out Twinkies and Snowballs out of the US to try them, so cut me some slack when i ask:
    What exactly is the “real” difference between a Hostess Cupcake, HoHo, Zinger, DingDong and yes even Twinkie…?

    For me it seems like this:
    Twinkie: Sponge Cake with creamy Filling
    Zinger: Same as Twinkie; Spongecake with creamy filling, but with a chocolate coating on top or coated in something that seems like pink coconut
    Cupcakes: Exactly the same as Zingers, cake with creamy filling and chocolate coating on top, but made with a “normal cake dough” instead of a sponge cake dough
    DingDongs: absolutely the same as Cupcakes, but with an overall chocolate coating
    Ho Hos: They are just DingDongs in the form of a roll instead of a puck.

    Did i get it right? :blushes:

  2. I’ve seen and had the peanut butter Ho Ho’s for a while. I didn’t realize these were new to other places.

  3. I live in Batesville Arkansas and recently ran across and bought the white fudge ding dongs. Now, that’s all my 5 year old wants for her birthday, and I can’t find them ANYWHERE. Please help me!!

    1. I was wondering the same thing about the white fudge ding dongs found the individual pkg but not the box

  4. Check Big Lots for the boxes, I picked up some peanut butter hohos there, very tasty

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