COMING SOON: 2017 Oreo Cookie Flavors

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Our internet buddy Candy Hunting on Instagram has the scoop on several new Oreo flavors coming out later this year. According to her, Waffles & Syrup, Mississippi Mud Pie, and Firework Oreo Cookies will be available for summer. Which one of these flavors are you most excited about?

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  1. The Fireworks sounds amazing. I am not excited for the Waffles & Syrup. We tried the Lays Waffles & Syrup chips and they were so disgusting that it turned me off syrup for a while!

    1. Weren’t those chicken and waffle chips, though? As long as the cookies leave out the chicken element, they might be really good! Mmmm, maple… I’ll have to keep an eye out.

  2. Fireworks! I just wished that they would spice up the crème a bit to tie the concept all together

  3. Waffles and Syrup all DAY! It’s my dream-eo. Maple life. Also the Fireworks will be awesome – hopefully the flavor that come along with the texture isn’t off putting.

  4. I’m excited about Mississippi Mud Pie. We need a baked Alaska Oreo…set that baby on fire!

  5. I’m definitely most excited about the Mississippi mud pie ones. I’m not so sure about the waffles and syrup ones, lol.

  6. The 2 I am looking forward to the most are Waffles and Syrup and the Firework ones

    With waffles and syrup oreos, now we can have oreos for breakfast!

    The popping candy will add an extra dimension of texture in the firework ones

  7. I really hope they added some fried character to the Waffles and Jelly Donut instead of phoning it in and going with just maple and jammy fruit. Same with Mississippi Mud Pie, but I have less hope for that. The poprocks Oreos are interesting though.

  8. I won’t be surprised if jelly donut is a Walmart exclusive since last year had the Oreo display with the whole Pick A Flavor contest on it.

  9. Of course the one I most want to try is the one you have no release info for, Jelly Donut. I am also still very disappointed that I was never able to find the Fruity Crisp Oreos from last year or so 🙁

    1. The fruity crisp oreos were terrible, you didn’t miss anything. They were very sweet.

  10. Yeah, and I’m still waiting for the Pick a Flavor winner to show up in Walmart…it is supposed to arrive in 2017.
    The winner was Cookies & Creme Oreo.
    And to steal a comment from someone else…it’s like cookie inception.

    And given many times Oreo cookies are an ingredient in Mud Pie, that’ll be a close 2nd for me.

    1. Are you kidding that the 2017 flavor pick is cookies and cream oreos??? That’s the flavor of regular oreos!!!! I won’t be buying them!! Was hoping for Apple pie flavor! Maybe I’ll try waffles and syrup if I can ever find them.

    2. I picked up a pack of the Cookies and Creme yesterday…I gotta say, I kinda like them.
      I’d go so far as to say I’d put them top 5 favorite for me.

  11. I was also disappointed in the Oreo Peeps…it was simply pink colored Oreo creme…it was NOT marshmallow, nor did it have the sugar crystals on the creme that Peeps have.

  12. I’ve come to find out why Jelly Donut flavor has not hit the shelves yet. Apparently last year Walmart had a vote that I never even heard of about a flavor competition for a 2017 flavor. The candidates were Caramel Apple, Cookies and Cream and Jelly Donut. Evidently, and apparently for the 4th time, voters chose Cookies and Cream. How boring and unadventurous to select an Oreo flavored Oreo! Especially when it’s already been available 3 times.

  13. The Mississippi mud Oreos sound good , the Big Crunch candy bar is just wonderful love them liked the white chocolate love them all the peanut butter are great waiting for black raspberry that I thought I’ve seen advertised and have not found in the stores yet. Love Oreo cookies usually buy the thin ones less calories.

    1. Yep it’s called Oreo Graeters Black Raspberry and its been spotted in the Carolinas but I have yet to see it here in Ohio! Beautiful package tho!

  14. They stole my Firework Poprock Oreo’s idea haha.

    Can’t wait for these to hit the stores.

  15. I really want the Big Stuff Oreo to come back. I remember it really well. I really miss it.

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