SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Warheads Hotheads Extreme Heat Worms

Warheads likes to inflict different sensations with their candy. If they could figure out how to simulate a dentist shooting novocaine into your gums, they would definitely put that in a chewy candy. (Spotted by Anonymous at Walmart.)

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8 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Warheads Hotheads Extreme Heat Worms”

  1. These are super tricky. You first try them and get the super sour warhead… then BAM! The heat smacks you in the face.

  2. They are spicy I love the combo and they taste great but what is it that actually makes them spicy is what makes me curious

    1. My boyfriend was telling me when we were eating them that it seems like it’s capsaicin in these. They are so spicy.

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