Here are some new Trader Joe’s products found on store shelves by your fellow readers. If you’ve tried any of them, share your thoughts about them in the comments.

Trader Joe’s Mocha Joe-Joe’s
Baker Josef’s Coffee Flour
Trader Joe’s Joe’s Dark Coffee Squares

No Trader Joe’s Coffee and Cocoa Spread? (Spotted by Michael C at Trader Joe’s.)

Thank you to all the photo contributors! If you’re out shopping and see an interesting new product on the shelf, snap a picture of it, and send us an email ([email protected]) with where you found it and “Spotted” in the subject line. Or reply to us (@theimpulsivebuy) on Twitter with the photo, where you spotted it, and the hashtag #spotted. If you do so, you might see your picture in our next Spotted on Shelves post.

Also, if you want to send in photos and are wondering if we’ve already covered something, don’t worry about it. Let us worry about it.

7 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES (TRADER JOE’S EDITION) – 3/14/2017”

  1. It seems it is coffee season at TJ’s with many coffee stuff. They got coffee glazed nuts too!

  2. The Moccha Oreos… (Moreos? ;)) sound pretty interesting. Does someone already tried them and/or had Nabisco a similar Coffee flavor Oreo?

      1. Hey!

        Thanks for confirming that they are good coffee flavored cream cookies! (and hell: nothing beats oreos! But youre right it’s hard to keep that in mind while eating all the other flavors… i mean thinking a perfect cookie will get even better by adding something you like is like… yeah no… it always will be a different cookie and a different experience… ^^)

  3. …coffee flour? ummmm…so it is just ground up leftovers from the coffee bean? i just can’t wrap my head around the point or name of this.

  4. I just bought a bag of “Coffee Glazed Cashews”. They are delicious! They are slightly sweet and slightly bitter. The description on the back of the bag says “A delicately salted glaze with plenty of finely ground, roasted coffee beans gives these cashews a little jolt and loads of flavor.” The smell alone when you open the bag is heavenly!

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