FAST FOOD NEWS: Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino

Unicorn Frappuccino

If My Little Pony or Care Bears had a ragin’ kegger, the new Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino is what I imagine would come out of their mouths if they drank way too much.

The Unicorn Frappuccino is made with a sweet dusting of pink powder, blended into a crème Frappuccino with mango syrup and layered with a sour blue drizzle. It’s topped with vanilla whipped cream and sweet pink and sour blue powder topping.

It’s available until Sunday, April 23, while supplies last at Starbucks locations in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

A Grande with whole milk and whipped cream has 410 calories, 16 grams of fat, 10 grams of saturated fat, 45 milligrams of cholesterol, 230 milligrams of sodium, 62 grams of carbohydrates, 59 grams of sugar, and 5 grams of protein.

If you’ve tried it, let us know what you think of it in the comments.

(Image via Starbucks)

4 thoughts to “FAST FOOD NEWS: Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino”

  1. Just got one today. I personally loved it. It tasted like a melted mango ice cream bar. The blue raspberry drizzle didn’t meld very well, but I still liked it. The “Unicorn Dust” was also very, very sour.

    I didn’t get whipped cream (because I don’t care for it).

    If you’re on the fence and your friend has one, ask for a taste. Half if my friends didn’t like it, a few loved it, and a couple thought it was just “ok”.

    It is INCREDIBLY sweet.

  2. Let’s face it… The only reason people are buying this is for the pictures they’re going to post…

  3. I was not a fan at all. I expected it to be sweet, given its colorful appearance — somewhere in the “cotton candy” range. (Clearly, I did not read the product description prior to sipping. I was unaware of the drink until I stopped at Starbucks. Everyone else was getting one, so, of course, I had to jump on the bandwagon!) It was too tangy and sour for me. (My guess is that kids would love it, given their predilection for extremely sour candies.) I didn’t even finish it because it was so unmagical. With “unicorn” in the name, I expected rainbows and glitter to be in every sip. Plus, it’s extremely difficult to look “macho”, while holding a bright pink and blue drink. Awkward!

  4. I had one the other day because I thought it looked like fun. I got the smallest size (whatever the hell it’s called at Starbucks; I can’t keep up with the lingo) since my friends said it sucked and was only for basic valley girls. I didn’t think it was bad, but I would never order another one. The pink part is intensely sweet and a bit fruity. I would have never guessed mango was the main flavor. Ever seen a pink mango by the way? The blue part tastes like raspberry to me and brought tears to my eyes it was so unexpectedly sour. After mixing it up, the flavors balanced better, but I still couldn’t recommend it. I drank about 3/4 of the frappe before I couldn’t handle any more and tossed it to the curb. It was fun for what it is, a photo opp.

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