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Mtn Dew Code Red, White Out, and Voltage unite! Taste the Rainbow! I mean, Taste the American Flag! (Spotted by Josh at Walmart.)

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22 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Mtn Dew DEW.S.A.”

  1. Once again, they’ve felt the need to add Sucralose and Acesulfane potassium. So I likely won’t be trying this version of one of my favorite sodas.
    Is this where the market is at now? Add this vile artificial sweetener junk to EVERYTHING?!

    1. thanks for the heads up on the suclarose. i wont even think about trying it. i had no idea white/green label and spiked had them in it when i tried them. threw them all away after one sip.

    2. You only have one life and only live once enjoy it and stop being so paranoid, if you eat healthy other wise and work out you can drink all this junk you want and it taste so wonderful best flavor soda ever….

    3. I agree! I just don’t understand why the beverage companies feel the need to add sucralose. Many of these sodas have anywhere from 25-47 grams of sugar, so why do they need to add artificial sweeteners? I’m extremely allergic & I hate the aftertaste. I have to read every soda label these days. I can understand the diet versions, but not the regular!

  2. And Now, A Review Of Dew.S.A, Impulsivebuy Style.

    Ahhhhhh, how wonderful it is to be American.

    More specifically, how wonderful it is to live in one of the fattest states in America. Now, you might ask why I praise such horrible tragedy that is obesity?

    (Because companies market their new stuff at us)

    (And I get to try all the new stuff, even though I’m scrawny and embarrassingly pale)

    And what is a better thing to talk about than Dew.S.A (or is it Dewsa, or Dew SA? I’m unsure.) With July 4 coming soon, and the summer heat finally arriving, it seems that it’s a perfect time to taste new Dewsa. I picked one up at my local grocery store.

    The color is a nice magnenta purplish thing. Too light to be Grimer, too dark to be Gengar, so let’s settle for Spyro. It had a sweet smell to it, but it was faint. I was scared at first when I heard it was three flavors in one, because I got flashbacks of when I would mix sodas together and get sickeningly sweet results, but the flavor was actually pretty balanced. I could definitely taste the Code Red and Voltage, but the White Out flavor seemed to be missing. It unfortunately had a very artificial taste to it, on account of all the artificial sweeteners. Bizarrely, it seemed to have a grapeish flavor to it, and I didn’t know where it came from.

    This new Dew is very tasty, however, it seems a tad bit sweet for my taste, and had an artificial hue to it. But even with those issues, I’m still gonna drink around the pool this summer.

    Product: Mtn. Dewsa

    Rating: 7/10

    Pros: Balenced flavor. Odd grape flavor. Spyro the Dragon colors. Getting all the latest junk.

    Cons: A bit sweet. Artificial taste. Unsure how to spell the name. Realizing living in one of the fattest states is not good.

  3. I just tried this and its the worst mtn dew i have ever had. The flavors reveal for a second that its just a nasty carbonated water diet after taste. Ill stick with the Spiked and Label line.

    1. spiked and label line also has artificial sweetener, so not liking this because of diet aftertaste is invalid if you like the label and spiked lines

  4. Dew.S.A is literally the most vile thing I have ever put in my mouth. And that’s saying something.

  5. Bought this in a 12 pack at Walmart. Also bought one of the refrigerated bottles and thought it was pretty good even though I prefer diet soda. We mix a lot of different drink flavors together most of the time so it tasted good to us. It would be nice if they brought back Baja Blast but not too hopeful since Pitch Black was the flavor winner in last years contest. I guess this is replacing Baja Blast since it typically came out around this time in the past several years.

    1. I don’t know if this is national, but around here, Taco Bell has Baja Blast in their soda machine. If you ever need a fix.

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  6. It makes a great drink mixer. I mixed it with some Palms Barbados clear rum and it was perfect. I’m going to try to blend it into some sangria. A great summer drink.

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