FAST FOOD NEWS: Sonic Custard Concretes

Sonic Custard Concretes

Sonic is now offering a new line of frozen treats called Custard Concretes for a limited time. There are six varieties available:

  • Vanilla Custard Concrete made with Heath Toffee Pieces
  • Dark Chocolate Custard Concrete made with Oreo Cookie Pieces
  • Peanut Butter Custard Concrete made with Butterfinger Pieces
  • Caramel Custard Concrete made with Snickers Bars
  • Banana Custard Concrete made with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
  • Strawberry Custard Concrete made with M&M’s® Chocolate Candies

A small Dark Chocolate Custard Concrete made with Oreo Cookie Pieces has 880 calories, 40 grams of fat, 24 grams of saturated fat, 0 grams of trans fat, 245 milligrams of cholesterol, 940 milligrams of sodium, 119 grams of carbohydrates, 91 grams of sugar, 4 grams of fiber, and 14 grams of protein.

If you’ve tried one, let us know what you think of it in the comments.

(Image via TIB reader Aaron Clark)

56 thoughts to “FAST FOOD NEWS: Sonic Custard Concretes”

  1. The strawberry with M&Ms is great but why do they call it a custard concrete?

    1. I worked thefe in the frozen department I dont know the real reason behind the name, but I can tell you its probably because it doesn’t melt. The custard is powder that we add to the Ice cream

    2. I feel really decieved because I too would like to know why it is called a custard. All it is, is Ice cream in a large cup without evenly distributed topping throughout.

  2. this is BS….purchased the Heath Vanilla Concrete. it was yogurt with a few pieces of heath bar on top….this false advertising as the pictures clearly shows it mixed all the way through the treat….that is NOT what I got…..BS

  3. Had the “dark” chocolate oreo custard. Nothing dark about it. Lookes a light tan like vanilla shake with chocolate syrup added. Thickness more like a malt than custard. Overall tasted good but not worth the expense. When I order something dark chocolate thats what I expect!

    1. Its just that sonic they probably put chocolate syrup, at the one I worked for we had actual dark chocolate that was kept in the fridge

  4. So I just saw the advertisement for the custard concrete and I had a Big choice to make pull into Freddie’s Frozen Custard and order my normal Dark Chocolate or try Sonic Dark Chocolate with Oreos… &&&& I pulled into Sonic BIG Disappointment it was basically like eating a Sonic Blast Minus the DARK CHOCOLATE… So let me discribe what I just got as I sit here @@@ the Car HOP Local Sonic this so called DARK Custard does not exist here they basically blended Vanilla Ice cream with Oreo and added chocolate syrup I could still see White within the mixture where it was not blended well, the overall taste was nothing special and did not taste like DARK CHOCOLATE. SO Sonic if your going to advertise DARK CHOCOLATE please USE DARK CHOCOLATE &&& Please Stop Adverising FAKE NEWS otherwise…
    Can’t believe I just paid for overpriced FAKE NEWS…

  5. Just purchased a Sonic Banana and Reese’s Custard Concrete. It tasted good and like someone else mentioned it should be called a Banana Concrete Blast with Reese’s.

  6. I got the heath one and my husband got the oreo one, but with vanilla “custard” I guess it’s custard….I mean did they get a custard machine all of a sudden? Halfway through I noticed a white powder, like they didn’t mix it all the way? Do they add something to soft serve to make a “custard”? …..we need an investigation to find out if its real custard or not lol but it was good EXPENSIVE, I think like $12 for 2 mediums.

    1. That’s was how mine was as well. Bunch of powder in the bottom and all vanilla.

    2. So did I ! Way at the bottom of my ice cream I notice like half of the cup was white powdered & not ice cream.

  7. These Sonic versions of Concretes are almost just like a Blast, but cost 80¢ more. If this is some co-branded promotion with Freddy’s, then Freddy’s is cheapening its brand. If it’s not co-branded, Freddy’s should sue for some kind of infringement. Freddy’s Custard Concretes are the real deal.

  8. I am curious as to what is added to the ice cream to change it to a “custard”!? If anyone knows PLEASE enlighten me!!
    So far I have tried the Banana Reese’s PB Cup Concrete and the Dark Chocolate Oreo Concrete.
    Banana Reese’s PB Cup: I was NOT a fan!! Custard was more like a milkshake in texture and thickness, very few crumbs of Reese’s PB Cups which made it almost gritty, just was NOT good! Oreo Dark Chocolate Concrete: texture was SUPER SMOOTHE, thickness of the custard was amazing, and the flavor was pretty good too. However, it was not well mixed AT ALL, literally the whole bottom 1/3 was just vanilla ice cream, did not have enough Oreos, and it was just chocolate NOT dark chocolate in color or taste. Personally I think I would have enjoyed it more had it just been the chocolate custard?!
    My advice is keep your expectations low, ask for extra toppings and that they blend it well!

    1. I’m answering you 18 days later lol but if you haven’t had your question answered yet, my brother who works at Sonic says it’s this custard base powder stuff that’s mixed in that makes it “custard”.

  9. I ordered the vanilla with no candy.. it tastes no different than soft serve.. yuck.. I dug to the bottom of my cup and there was a powder substance .. yuck again..

  10. I don’t know how Freddy’s Frozen Custard is made but Sonic manager told me that there’s is powder mixed with chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream. She said the thickness broke her blender and so that is why it isn’t as thick as it was. Basically FALSE ADVERTISING to the extreme.

  11. Our family usually gets frozen custard from Sheridan’s, Culver’s, or Freddy’s almost weekly. What we were served at Sonic is NOT custard!!! It was absolutely disgusting. We ate less than 1/4 of the mini size. After an hr of this “custard” sitting in the sun it had not melted at all. That stuff is nasty.

  12. I was looking forward to having a good custard. I wasted $4.90, the so called custard tasted like cheap ice cream with chocolate syrup . I could not even eat it all. I am not sure why they would even call it custard.

  13. I ordered the Oreo dark chocolate. They told me they were out of Oreo so I settled with snickers dark chocolate. I think I got snickers caramel. I couldn’t taste any chocolate, but possibly caramel? Honestly not sure. Disappointed with the purchase. They don’t even mix the snickers in it!! I don’t recommend this concrete to anyone. It’s very expensive and has nothing to it. I couldn’t even eat mine.

  14. I got the Banana Reese’s and it was nasty. Not mixed very well. Over priced for getting a cheapened concrete that is suppose to be custard. Not real custard. Sonic should be ashamed to sell these products. Never buy one again. Double yuk

  15. The most terrible thing I have ever got at sonic I brought it home and dumped it in the kitchen sink and it was still there the next morning it didn’t melt. What are those things made of? I see why they call it concrete.

  16. My husband just ordered a dark chocolate one with Oreos. It was vanilla ice cream with a few Oreos on top!! No big deal and not very good. The commercial shows a delicious chocolate one but there aren’t any lucious chocolate ones!

  17. It’s made from a custard powder base, not actual custard. I bought one for my wife, and she reached unmixed powder at the bottom of the cup. I didn’t like it. It tasted overly processed to me. With the calories and cholesterol count, this stuff is really unhealthy in every way.

  18. the butterfinger peanut one was lovely! shame it had hardly any topping other than a light dusting, whereas the chocolate oreo one and the strawberry m&m’s one were loaded but pretty disgusting.

    very overpriced in my opinion

  19. I got the Small Strawberry M&M’s. I liked it! Very creamy and Mini M&M’s all over the place. Just a little bit of White mixed in with the Strawberry toward the end. You could tell it was High Calorie, I was full for 8 hours afterword. Pretty expensive, everything in moderation. A Large could feed a family of four.

  20. Just plain weird. It’s like they took egg whites powder or dried eggs to their ice cream and added a topping in excess. I never dreamed I’d EVER say an ice cream dessert is gross, but it was. When it starts to melt, it solidifies and the “custard becomes chewy and odd, flavor even changed. It’s like a really messed up Sonic Blast. I’ll stick with a Sonic Blast. At times they would skimp on the candy, but it never tasted weird and I still have gotten many over the years. I was SHOCKED by the price like over $9.00 for a large for a fast food dessert. I too ate just a little and felt stuffed. Couldn’t believe the calories. More than I have EVER seen. At least 4000 calories for the large Heath. Big mistake in product development Sonic. What were you thinking? Hope only danger is in the fat and pruce.

    1. I think the price is reasonable. For saying takes over 5 minutes to make the large drinks cause you have to keep adding ice cream and blending them u .. I never skimp candy though.. I always put extra

  21. This stuff is awful. Thank you for telling us what is mixed in. I guessed it was tapioca pudding. It stopped me up for two days. This stuff(not custard) is truly gross and in digestible. Never buy it again!

  22. We just tried the vanilla and “dark” chocolate custard concretes. The only difference I noticed was that it didn’t melt as fast as the blast. Otherwise, it was pretty much the same, and a bit more expensive. My husband was disappointed that chocolate concrete wasn’t dark at all – it looked like regular chocolate. Other than that, it was just like eating the blasts. Good, but nothing to rave about.

  23. Weirdest texture ever. Expected creamy, but it’s grainy. Gross & waaay overpriced. Just go to Ben and Jerry’s.

  24. Horrible – not custard at all! I left it sitting on the table because it tasted so bad and when I returned 2 hours later, it had not melted at all. Hmmm, shouldn’t real custard melt, hell, shouldn’t ice cream melt. What is this junk they are serving us?

    1. Soft serve and custard powder. Personally I wouldnt mind if people didnt order them.. I hate making them cause the powder pops in you face when you blend it.. Go for a regular blast

  25. Having grown up eating true custard from a local icecream parlor, I was curious to see how sonics compares. The prices between the custard I’m used to and sonic are only about a dollar apart, a dollar I will splurge on every time for my local store. These sonic SHAKES are far from being custard. I could find no difference between a regular sonic shake and this dessert. Mine had a good amount of candy throughout, but lacked the thick, smooth, creamy consistency I think of when I imagine true frozen custard. I’d say to save your money, buy a shake for a dollar less, and see if there are any local frozen custard shops near you.

  26. Yall have not had real custard until you have tried ted drews custard in st louis Missouri that is the bomb..the best custard i have ever had !!!!.such a shame we live in texas now.

  27. Yall have not had real custard until you have tried ted drewes custard in st louis Missouri that is the bomb..the best custard i have ever had !!!!.such a shame we live in texas now.

  28. I had my first and last concrete. It was nasty, grainy, mealy, nonmelting, gross custard I ever tasted. It never melted. It wouldn’t freeze, I tried to throw it down the sink with very hot water and it wouldn’t melt. I called manager and was told it maybe soured or not mixed right. ????? Why would you sell it? What are they feeding us? I called corporate and asked but so far they couldn’t say. I’m worried that I may get sick or whatever was in it makes me ill long term. I put it in my freezer and kept my receipt. I have a worried next few days to find out if I’ve become infected with e-coli or listeria. Or my intestinal track concreted shut. Don’t eat this product till we find out what’s in it.

    1. Dont worry it actually ice cream but the “custard” powder that we mix in makes it set up or something wont make you sick just disgusting

  29. Ordered the strawberry with m&ms in the mini size and what was served to me was an odd, room-temperature strawberry gluey consistency, & they forgot the M&Ms. I took one sip and threw it out. Absolutely the grossest dessert I’ve had in my 36 years alive. I rarely eat fast food but had a craving for a cold treat. I guess they saved me 700+ cal for the “custard’s” disgustingness. Never again! Should’ve just gone down the street for a Blizzard or Steak ‘n Shake shake!

  30. I just had the Heath vanilla concrete. By the time I was near the end I was really wondering why I was still eating it. The flavor of the custard was not anything great and it certainly did not compare to my Mom’s custard. The pieces of candy we’re small and uniform and for some reason left me feeling like I really wasn’t getting enough of the Heath I love so much. Lastly, what was in the bottom of this thing? It was the consistency of marshmallow from a jar and also maybe some whipped cream? Whatever it was I didn’t like it! That was my first and last concrete.

  31. Ok, you all scared me! Our local Sonic must do a better job mixing. My dark chocolate Oreo was indeed dark and it was mixed well. It was not great, though. It tasted like frozen pudding. It was not bad, but not worth the calories for me. I had high hopes since we live in a small town with few options.

  32. Bought a vanilla heath custard. Tasted like vanilla and about half way through ate a spoonful of powder. What the hell os the powder in this so called custard. Last time I buy anything from Sonic. It was terrible.

  33. I’m from Utah originally. In Utah there is a drive- in called Neilsens. They sell homemade frozen custard concretes and sandwiches. Sonics rendition of concrete custard is just NOT the same animal. Sonics custard is NOT custard. Freddy’s is closer but Neilsons is the BEST!

  34. Just bought banana/reeses custard concrete. Was pudding like ( ie; custard), and the candies mixed very well. But not a big fan. I just didn’t like the texture of eating pudding with candies in it. And the banana taste was very artificial very strong. The blast are a lot better to me.

  35. Jammed 300,000 micrograms up my $hitter at 7 a.m. and was fired from my job by 11:30 a.m. because I was so productive they called me out for being on drugs and in a fit of blackout rage I saw RED (wasn’t from my leaking asshole) and snapped at my boss and told her “to go eat shit and kill herself and that I could probably have her job AND have her daughter pregnant within a week”! I was feeling SO good and didn’t even care, I left all my shit there and skipped out of there and then slashed her new tires (cut myself bc all I had was a pu$$y Swiss Army knife and it closed on my finger)! I don’t even care I love this stuff and will be snorting/firing/plugging it till the day I die!! Cant Wait!!!!

  36. Sonic’s “Dark Chocolate Oreo Concrete” is a huge disappointment. Think vanilla ice cream mixed with powder, and a few stale pieces of Oreo sprinkled on top. It is nothing at all like the picture. Fortunately, the manager agreed with my feelings, and promptly refunded the money I had spent. Sonic, do you listen to your customers?

  37. I don’t know what sonics you guys are all going to but the one I went to down in Mississippi knows how to make a good custard concrete. My husband and I tried it for the first time and I got the Oreo dark chocolate. It was very rich very thick and Oreo was mixed throughout the whole thing I didn’t see any vanilla or powder. Delicious!!

  38. Love the frozen custard. Best ice cream ice EVER had. I’m not a ice cream person but this is awesome! I hope they continue to carry the product.

  39. the vanilla custard concrete with heath toffee pieces was awesome wish they bring it back to sonic love it couldnt get enough went every other day to sonic to get one

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