SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Monster Hydro Energy Water

Monster Hydro Mean Green Energy Water

Monster Hydro Energy Water  Tropical Thunder and Manic Melon

Last year, Monster is showed up in the soda section. Now it’s got some space in the sports drink and enhanced water case. Is Monster Wine next? (Spotted by Rachel T at Walmart.)

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16 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Monster Hydro Energy Water”

  1. This stuff is amazing! If you come across this anywhere at all, be sure to try one out. You won’t regret it!

    1. I found this in Dickinson ND. But so far I can’t find it anywhere close to me in Rockford, il. I love it. I will continue to look for it. As it is now a must have for me.

    2. yes i love it but its hard to find anywhere all the convenience stores are out except 7 11 and kroger had them 3 for 5 and they have been out for about 2 weeks now

  2. Just found it in South West VA in the applachia mountain region of Buchanan county

  3. just found it in a gas station in howard county, maryland. imo it’s not anything special in terms of taste (i haven’t found the green flavor yet) but the packaging is SO neat. i want to keep buying it just for the aesthetic, haha.

    it also seems gentler on my teeth than the normal battery acid enamel eroding energy drink, so that’s pretty cool.

  4. Hi i tried the tropical thunder monster hydro and It’s really good, it doesn’t leave a burning feeling in the back of your throat and it’s very easy to drink, just like juice. I took a sip of manic watermelon and it was really yummy

  5. I LOVE THIS SOOO MUCH. If only they could be bought in cases. I spotted the product in Walmart in Asheville nc…

  6. I live in utah and found these wonderful drinks at maverick. But now I can’t find them anywhere here. So sad

  7. I am in Akron, OH and I found the Manic Melon and I am love, I found them at Dollar General but can’t find them anywhere else.

  8. Found them in the Fort Walton Beach Fl area Aug 9th. Couldnt find them anywhere else along the route back to St Louis. Love em. Had all 3 and all are incredible.

  9. I just discovered them yesterday in the orange flavor.. and I think it has a little bit of Pineapple flavor to it and it is absolutely fantastic and thirst-quenching. I bought manic melon today and it’s okay but I like Tropical Thunder best.

  10. They are very pricey at 7-Eleven. I will be researching and check-out Dollar General because I saw someone post that they found them there. I paid 2.89 for 1 at 7 eleven. To me they are great and they are thirst-quenching but I don’t want to pay that price

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