SPOTTED ON SHELVES: DiGiorno Crispy Pan Pizza

DiGiorno Three Meat Crispy Pan Pizza

DiGiorno Four Cheese Crispy Pan Pizza

It’s not Little Caesars. It’s DiGiorno. (Spotted by @blowyshirts at Dillons and Amanda Y at Walmart.)

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6 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: DiGiorno Crispy Pan Pizza”

  1. The pan reminds me of Papa Murphy’s pizzas. Interested to see how they stack up taste wise and price wise to the $5 favs from PM

  2. Just tried one. It’s comparable to Pizza Hut. Honestly, I was surprised! It’s pricey, but it’s goooood.

  3. We had the 3-meat version tonite. It had more cheese it seemed than others at first glance but the meats were sparse. It is supposed to yield 6 servings and there were 6 slices of pepperoni on the entire pizza, not much sausage and very little beef. I can’t handle overly zippy pizza but his was bland, the meats were bland and the sauce was bland. It was like a very doughy bread stick with nominal toppings. It was $8.29 reg price at Fred Meyer/Kroger but they had a $2 off e-cpn to load to your loyalty card. Still…at that price I would have rather had a Screamin’ Sicilian. Will have to doctor up the leftovers…yes, there were leftovers.

  4. Just tried this a few days ago after buying it impulsively 🙂 when I saw it for the first time at my local grocery store. I bought the pepperoni version and added fresh onions and mushrooms. I checked it after 18 minutes and it was ready (that’s several minutes before the directions tell you to take it out, but I HATE burned pizza and my oven always seems to cook things faster). I thought it was FANTASTIC — in fact, it’s my new favorite pizza.

    It was $7.69, which is pricey for frozen pizza, but for me it’s 3 meals, so that’s not too bad. (The package says it’s 5 servings, but who are they kidding?!)

  5. I tried this pizza last night, got the four cheese version. I am usually not a fan of Digiorno in the least, but i bought this based on the idea of the included pan, and the fact i hate pizza that gets too crispy. I was a bit worried it may be doughy, but it turned out great, and i will be buying it again, for sure.
    I did add some feta, romano, parmesian, and asiago, and a touch of cheddar, but other than that, it was made as it came, and turned out really tasty just from following the directions =]

  6. I tried it and I’m surprised how good it was because I thought it will taste like nasty dig cheese pizza

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