FAST FOOD NEWS: Little Caesars ExtraMostBestest Pizza

Little Caesars ExtraMostBestest Pizza

Little Caesars is proclaiming the chain’s new ExtraMostBestest Pizza is made with the mostest cheese and mostest pepperoni of any large pepperoni pizza sold at everyday prices by the other three major national pizza chains.

Oh, they’re also offering it for only $6.

Now that looks like a lot of pepperoni, but it would truly impress me if Little Caesars pizza had a complete layer of pepperoni. There would be enough of it so that we would not be able to see the cheese under it. It could be called the Pepperoni Shield Pizza or something.

If you’ve tried the ExtraMostBestest Pizza, let us know what you think of it in the comments. Although, I’m going to bet it tastes like a regular Little Caesars Hot-N-Ready Classic Pizza.

(Image via Little Caesars)

11 thoughts to “FAST FOOD NEWS: Little Caesars ExtraMostBestest Pizza”

  1. Well if it saves us the charge for extra cheese and has half the meat the SmokeHouse pizza did, it’ll be just fine! 🙂

  2. We had it for dinner Friday night- bought a regular to compare and there was a noticeable difference with the extra meat and cheese. I will buy it that way from now on.

  3. Not enough pepperoni to be called extra, most, or best. Needs to have pepperoni stacked on top of the pepperoni like an Upwords game.

  4. “There would be enough of it so that we would not be able to see the cheese under it.”

    I’ve actually eaten that pizza. It was a time before pizza crust dipping sauces and flavored crust pizzas. It was also the day before I packed up all my stuff for my first day at college. My parents took me to a restaurant called The Vineyard in South Haven, MI, and I ordered a double-pepperoni pizza. It should be noted that they had a policy of cooking the pepperoni separately from the rest of the pizza and adding it right at the end. This means the pizza is not swimming in grease, and the pepperoni is only slightly crunchy on the edge rather than being the charred corpses of what previously would have been tasty little meat slices.

    So they finally bring this masterpiece out to our table, and there’s about an inch of, admittedly, fairly bland and tasteless crust around the outer edge. Just inside of that you can see about a 1/4″ band of pizza sauce. Inside of that, about a 1/4″ band of melted cheese. The entire rest of the visible surface of the pizza consisted of pepperoni, arranged in rings with overlapping edges. It looked like the world’s tastiest target. My parents ordered some nasty Supreme pizza, so this one was all mine. I wasn’t able to eat the entire thing in one sitting, so I had 2-3 slices left. It was a few days before I realized I’d forgotten to grab those out of the fridge. I never saw them again…

  5. My children like fast food very much. They are a fast food lover. I know when i tell them about Little Caesars ExtraMostBestest Pizza they totally love to eat. Your this post will make my children happy.

  6. I just got the pizza, but shouldn’t they advertise this most cheese and pepperoni thing for the $5 pizzas they already sell. Of course your gonna get it extra cheesy and more pepperoni because your literally paying the extra $1 for it. They should have made their $5 pizzas with this “extraness” from the start. Most of the time they didn’t have enough of either toppings on their $5 pizzas anyways.

  7. The little Caesar most bestest pizza in plum boro, pa is a scam.the pepperoni hides the fact that there is no more cheese than the regular pizza. Would not recommend this location. Try a different LC. maybe it will be better. Vince

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