SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Betty Crocker Betty’s Original Recipe Golden Yellow Scratch Cake Mix

Betty Crocker Betty s Original Recipe Golden Yellow Scratch Cake Mix

Betty’s Original Recipe Golden Yellow Mix will take us back to simpler times that were decades before most of us were born. A time when Funfetti and Duff Goldman mixes didn’t exists. (Spotted by Amanda Y at Walmart.)

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6 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Betty Crocker Betty’s Original Recipe Golden Yellow Scratch Cake Mix”

  1. This was an impulse buy for me. I was drawn to the “scratch” title and purchased the golden yellow cake mix. I was very disappointed with the very bland flavor and the dry, course texture. Overall, it was a waste of butter, eggs and milk. I could have used those ingredients along with flour to make my own cake from scratch.

  2. HORRIBLE! Bought this thinking it would be a wonderful old-fashioned delight. The texture is heavy and tough on outer crust. Have to use force to slice through it. And at the same time very dry. Flavor is literally like the cake is stale. Epic fail for birthday cake for my two-year old grandson. Don’t waste your money!!!!

  3. Bought a box the other day and would love to find more of it! Great base mix for the lemon cake I made. It turned out great!!!

  4. Oh my I truly thought it was one the best cake mix cakes I’ve ever bought. In fact I ended making 3 different family members and they all agreed. That was over a year ago and I moved to go and have not found it ever again. Live in 32256 zip code. How can I get the product again.

    1. Me, too, and now I can’t find it locally. It was only a few weeks ago that I spotted it, and was charmed by the lack of non-food ingredients. I subbed canola oil for one of the sticks of butter. Made my own chocolate frosting (butter, confectioner’s sugar, a bit of milk, easy.) The cake was fantastic. The texture was amazing. People who complained had to have overbaked it. Or they are missing the taste of preservatives, food coloring and fillers. If I have to buy online, I will bite the bullet and do it; I hate online shopping.

      1. I bought several of Betty’s Original Recipe cake mixes, Chocolate Joy and Golden Yellow at Big Lots.
        I can not find them anywhere. I got raves on the chocolate cake. It was one of the best cakes I have made using it as a base for my recipe. Where can I buy them or have they been discontinued?

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