REMINDER: Wendy’s Offering 50-Cent Small Frosty Deal Throughout The Summer

50 cent Wendy s Frosty 2017

For a limited time, Wendy’s is selling a small Frosty for just 50 cents. Both chocolate and vanilla flavors are available at that price.

The offer is available at participating location and is not valid in Alaska and Hawaii. Yeah, suck it, Alaska and Hawaii! Oh wait, Hawaii…that’s me!

Wendy’s is also running the 50-Cent Frosty Films Sweepstakes that gives Frosty fans a chance to win movie tickets. You can read more about it at

(Image via Wendy’s Facebook page)

7 thoughts to “REMINDER: Wendy’s Offering 50-Cent Small Frosty Deal Throughout The Summer”

  1. Hmm, I wonder if this means the price of a Jr. Frosty stays the same? (which would make it smaller but more expensive!)

  2. It is a very short promotion! My Wendy’s location in Southern California is endinging this promo on Sunday July 16. I was hoping it would go through August, sine that is still summer.

  3. Went in last night 8/29/17 in Fontana,ca. ordered 4 frostys and was charged $1.28 each. When I asked about the price increase they told me the promotion ended thurs. last week the 24th of Aug/ and this is their regular price. I bought them anyway, went home, watched tv and low and behold theres a wendys commercial advertising the frosy at $ .50 That’s it with me and wendys. I know it’s up to the fanchise to participate in the promo. or not. But I felt like I was slapped in the face paying that price and then seeing the commercial when at home. I will find another fast fooder and not feel ripped off!

  4. I went to Wendy’s today which is August 30th to get the 50 Cent Frosty’s for a nursing home and I do this on the most daily basis and I was told that there was Frosty’s were now $0.89 there was no notice and no disclosure and I just looked at the website and it said that this was extending through the summer the summer officially does not end until September 20th d I am disappointed in Wendy’s store on East Lincolnway in Cheyenne Wyoming, and management staff offered no resolution or explanation other than it ended 2 days ago. website today explained this promotion to be till the end of summer

  5. Two weeks ago I went to Wendy’s and purchased the frosty for .50, and was told it would be this price for the whole month of August. I went there today and was charged $2.19. When I questioned this, I was told the promotion ended Sun the 27th. Even though I mentioned that I was told it was till the end of August, the manager said “no”, it ended Sunday, and he wasn’t very nice about it.

  6. Wendy’s did a heck of a job promoting their 50 cent frosty’s for all summer, but I guess their summers end earlier than the calender ones. I just paid 2.16 for two in Raymore ,MO. I went ahead and took them,but they really are not worth a $1.00 each

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