UNSCIENTIFIC POLL RESULTS: Best Panda Express Entree That’s Not Orange Chicken

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The results are in and Honey Walnut Shrimp received the most votes in our Best Panda Express Entree That’s Not Orange Chicken Unscientific Poll.

A few notes about the results, which you can see in the table below.

  • There were 1,581 votes, but I removed 27 of them because they were write-in votes for an appetizer or Orange Chicken, or they were a comment about Panda Express not being food or good.
  • When I started the poll, I didn’t include Beijing Beef as an option because I forgot to add it. But I included it later and at the end tallied and added whatever votes it got under the “Other” option.
  • I’m surprised Grilled Teriyaki Chicken came in second place. I thought SweetFire Chicken or Beef Broccoli would’ve been second.
  • I voted for Eggplant Tofu.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Menu Item Votes Percent
Honey Walnut Shrimp 282 18.15%
Grilled Teriyaki Chicken 217 13.96%
SweetFire Chicken Breast 197 12.68%
Kung Pao Chicken 158 10.17%
Beef Broccoli 138 8.88%
Beijing Beef 127 8.17%
Black Pepper Chicken 127 8.17%
Mushroom Chicken 84 5.41%
Shanghai Angus Steak 61 3.93%
String Bean Chicken Breast 58 3.73%
Eggplant Tofu 48 3.09%
Five Flavor Shrimp 32 2.06%
Honey Sesame Chicken 9 0.58%
Sweet and Sour Chicken 4 0.26%
Firecracker Chicken 3 0.19%
Mandarin Chicken 2 0.13%
General Tso’s Chicken 1 0.06%
Golden Szechuan Fish 1 0.06%
Mongolian Beef 1 0.06%
Pacific Chili Shrimp 1 0.06%
Thai Cashew Chicken 1 0.06%
Peppercorn Shrimp 1 0.06%
Sweet and Sour Pork 1 0.06%

3 thoughts to “UNSCIENTIFIC POLL RESULTS: Best Panda Express Entree That’s Not Orange Chicken”

  1. Love the eggplant tofu as well, but it just never feels like a main course to me and doesn’t fill me up as much as I want (or need) . . . .

  2. Am I serloudly the only one who went for Swwt and Sour Pork? First Trump and then this, the world is going crazy

  3. The Honey Sesame Chicken is great. I don’t get why they don’t have it all the time.

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