UNSCIENTIFIC POLL RESULTS: How Many Taco Bell Sauce Packets Do You Have in Your Home?

Taco Bell Hot Sauce Packets

The results are in for our How Many Taco Bell Sauce Packets Do You Have in Your Home? Unscientific Poll and almost 50 percent of you who participated said you don’t have any Taco Bell packets at home. That’s surprising to see from the readers of a junk food blog. I thought that number was going to be much lower.

A few notes about the results, which you can see in the table below.

  • There were 1,268 votes.
  • I’m an idiot because “50-100 packets” should’ve said “51-100 packets.”
  • I had 19 packets when the poll started, but now I have 27. So I’ve moved up a packet bracket.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Number of Packets Votes Percent
Zero 443 34.94%
Zero because I think Taco Bell is disgusting 177 13.96%
1-10 packets 256 20.19%
11-25 packets 175 13.8%
26-50 packets 134 10.57%
50-100 packets 44 3.47%
More than 100 20 1.58%
More than 100 because I live in a Taco Bell 19 1.5%

UNSCIENTIFIC POLL: How Many Taco Bell Sauce Packets Do You Have in Your Home?

Taco Bell Hot Sauce Packets

Every other year, I do a Taco Bell sauce packet purge.

That’s when I toss out ALL the packets I can find in our fridge’s middle drawer. By the way, what is that middle drawer in our fridge for? Beverages? Yogurt? I’m pretty sure it’s not meant to be used as a fast food condiment drawer.

Although some are fairly new, I get rid of them because they’re thrown in the drawer haphazardly. This makes it hard to tell the difference between those that have been in there for two years and those that just got there. When I do a purge, I throw out about 50-75 packets.

How do I accumulate so many packets?

Most of the time it’s a generous Taco Bell employee who dumps a handful of sauces into my bag that’s four times more than what I need. Other times, at locations that have the sauces out in the open, my hand becomes a broken arcade claw game machine that causes everyone to win a prize and it picks up more than what I need. And, sometimes, I pick up sauce packets, but end up not using them because what I bought didn’t need any.

Recently, I did a purge, so I don’t have many packets right now, just 19.

But I feel I’m not alone when it comes to accumulating Taco Bell sauce packet, hence this Unscientific Poll. So Impulsive Buy readers, how many Taco Bell sauce packets do you have in your home right now?

The poll will close on Thursday, September 7 at 11:59 p.m. HST.

UNSCIENTIFIC POLL RESULTS: Best Panda Express Entree That’s Not Orange Chicken

Panda Express Logo

The results are in and Honey Walnut Shrimp received the most votes in our Best Panda Express Entree That’s Not Orange Chicken Unscientific Poll.

A few notes about the results, which you can see in the table below.

  • There were 1,581 votes, but I removed 27 of them because they were write-in votes for an appetizer or Orange Chicken, or they were a comment about Panda Express not being food or good.
  • When I started the poll, I didn’t include Beijing Beef as an option because I forgot to add it. But I included it later and at the end tallied and added whatever votes it got under the “Other” option.
  • I’m surprised Grilled Teriyaki Chicken came in second place. I thought SweetFire Chicken or Beef Broccoli would’ve been second.
  • I voted for Eggplant Tofu.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Menu Item Votes Percent
Honey Walnut Shrimp 282 18.15%
Grilled Teriyaki Chicken 217 13.96%
SweetFire Chicken Breast 197 12.68%
Kung Pao Chicken 158 10.17%
Beef Broccoli 138 8.88%
Beijing Beef 127 8.17%
Black Pepper Chicken 127 8.17%
Mushroom Chicken 84 5.41%
Shanghai Angus Steak 61 3.93%
String Bean Chicken Breast 58 3.73%
Eggplant Tofu 48 3.09%
Five Flavor Shrimp 32 2.06%
Honey Sesame Chicken 9 0.58%
Sweet and Sour Chicken 4 0.26%
Firecracker Chicken 3 0.19%
Mandarin Chicken 2 0.13%
General Tso’s Chicken 1 0.06%
Golden Szechuan Fish 1 0.06%
Mongolian Beef 1 0.06%
Pacific Chili Shrimp 1 0.06%
Thai Cashew Chicken 1 0.06%
Peppercorn Shrimp 1 0.06%
Sweet and Sour Pork 1 0.06%

UNSCIENTIFIC POLL: Best Panda Express Entree That’s Not Orange Chicken

If this was “Best Panda Express Entree,” I’m 100 percent sure Orange Chicken would win in a landslide. Heck, I’d vote for it. Since it’s the obvious winner, I thought why don’t we find out the second most popular entree from Panda Express.

So readers of The Impulsive Buy, select your favorite Panda Express Entree that’s not Orange Chicken in the poll below. Don’t see your favorite that’s not Orange Chicken? You can also write-in a seasonal favorite or discontinued entree in the “Other” field at the bottom.

The poll will close on Friday, June 23 at 11:59 p.m. HST.

Update: Beijing Beef was added to the poll. It’s on the Panda Express website, but I missed it when adding entrees to the list. I apologize to all the Beijing Beef lovers out there. Most of the votes for Beijing Beef are listed under “Other” but will give a final tally soon after the poll closes.