UNSCIENTIFIC POLL RESULTS: How Many Taco Bell Sauce Packets Do You Have in Your Home?

Taco Bell Hot Sauce Packets

The results are in for our How Many Taco Bell Sauce Packets Do You Have in Your Home? Unscientific Poll and almost 50 percent of you who participated said you don’t have any Taco Bell packets at home. That’s surprising to see from the readers of a junk food blog. I thought that number was going to be much lower.

A few notes about the results, which you can see in the table below.

  • There were 1,268 votes.
  • I’m an idiot because “50-100 packets” should’ve said “51-100 packets.”
  • I had 19 packets when the poll started, but now I have 27. So I’ve moved up a packet bracket.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Number of Packets Votes Percent
Zero 443 34.94%
Zero because I think Taco Bell is disgusting 177 13.96%
1-10 packets 256 20.19%
11-25 packets 175 13.8%
26-50 packets 134 10.57%
50-100 packets 44 3.47%
More than 100 20 1.58%
More than 100 because I live in a Taco Bell 19 1.5%

3 thoughts to “UNSCIENTIFIC POLL RESULTS: How Many Taco Bell Sauce Packets Do You Have in Your Home?”

  1. I must have somehow missed this poll because I didn’t get to participate, but I currently have about ten sauce packets at home. I once had about 50, but I recently tossed those out since they were old and never got used.

  2. I don’t think my vote and post went through for this for some reason but I counted my packets for this specifically and it was around 54 Fire, 5 Diablo, and 6 Hot or something. Mid 70’s level of packets, but I have easily gone in 100+ territory because my Taco Bells give out one sauce pack per item, even on my crunchwrap. I have to ask them to add more sauce 2-3 times which is annoying so I just load up on sauce at the store.

  3. The whole poll was a sham, how could you take these results as anything more than a joke when 50 is listed under two different options.

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