UNSCIENTIFIC POLL: Best Panda Express Entree That’s Not Orange Chicken

If this was “Best Panda Express Entree,” I’m 100 percent sure Orange Chicken would win in a landslide. Heck, I’d vote for it. Since it’s the obvious winner, I thought why don’t we find out the second most popular entree from Panda Express.

So readers of The Impulsive Buy, select your favorite Panda Express Entree that’s not Orange Chicken in the poll below. Don’t see your favorite that’s not Orange Chicken? You can also write-in a seasonal favorite or discontinued entree in the “Other” field at the bottom.

The poll will close on Friday, June 23 at 11:59 p.m. HST.

Update: Beijing Beef was added to the poll. It’s on the Panda Express website, but I missed it when adding entrees to the list. I apologize to all the Beijing Beef lovers out there. Most of the votes for Beijing Beef are listed under “Other” but will give a final tally soon after the poll closes.

18 thoughts to “UNSCIENTIFIC POLL: Best Panda Express Entree That’s Not Orange Chicken”

  1. I would have picked Honey Walnut Shrimp but the dorks at the nearby location can’t seem to get more than four pieces of walnut in there. Ratio matters.

    Black Pepper chicken is excellent, and I’d take it over an LTO any time of the day.

    1. I think I do, but I’ve never had it. There are good, locally-owned Chinese joints around, and they tend to be more convenient for me, so… eh.

      Wonder if I’m missing anything.

  2. When I ate more Panda my go-to secondary entree was always the mushroom chicken, but I gotta give a shoutout to the eggplant tofu too – sleeper hit!

  3. Top new-school: SweetFire Chicken (voted)
    Top old-school item: Beijing beef
    Terikyaki chicken is probably the most consistent and safest bet and also tastes good.

    Those would be my top 3, in order. Everything else there I don’t like. I’d put General Tso about Orange Chicken though.

  4. I voted for sweetfire chicken, but I also love the beijing beef. When I go, I get orange chicken, and then either sweetfire or beijing, depending on what’s available and what looks the most fresh.

  5. 100% sure about Orange Chicken being everybody’s favorite . .. . maybe on the island… but on the mainland…. NO…. I very rarely saw anybody order it. .. . most people seemed to get Beijing Beef or Chicken Teriyaki… SweetFire Chicken was popular – and the limited-time shrimp we used to get every now and then – cant remember the name.

  6. They need to bring back General Tso’s!!!

    Orange chicken is my standby, but I do like the honey walnut shrimp a lot. It’s too sweet for a full entrée, though.

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