UNSCIENTIFIC POLL: How Many Taco Bell Sauce Packets Do You Have in Your Home?

Taco Bell Hot Sauce Packets

Every other year, I do a Taco Bell sauce packet purge.

That’s when I toss out ALL the packets I can find in our fridge’s middle drawer. By the way, what is that middle drawer in our fridge for? Beverages? Yogurt? I’m pretty sure it’s not meant to be used as a fast food condiment drawer.

Although some are fairly new, I get rid of them because they’re thrown in the drawer haphazardly. This makes it hard to tell the difference between those that have been in there for two years and those that just got there. When I do a purge, I throw out about 50-75 packets.

How do I accumulate so many packets?

Most of the time it’s a generous Taco Bell employee who dumps a handful of sauces into my bag that’s four times more than what I need. Other times, at locations that have the sauces out in the open, my hand becomes a broken arcade claw game machine that causes everyone to win a prize and it picks up more than what I need. And, sometimes, I pick up sauce packets, but end up not using them because what I bought didn’t need any.

Recently, I did a purge, so I don’t have many packets right now, just 19.

But I feel I’m not alone when it comes to accumulating Taco Bell sauce packet, hence this Unscientific Poll. So Impulsive Buy readers, how many Taco Bell sauce packets do you have in your home right now?

The poll will close on Thursday, September 7 at 11:59 p.m. HST.

16 thoughts to “UNSCIENTIFIC POLL: How Many Taco Bell Sauce Packets Do You Have in Your Home?”

  1. I used to save these little hot sauce packets whenever I brought home Taco Bell meals. They’d accumulate at the bottom of my refrigerator until the next move, at which point, I’d throw them all out.

    In recent years, I’ve drastically cut back on my consumption of fast food. Instead, I prefer to cook most of my meals from scratch, using whole non-processed ingredients. When I eat out, I try to do so at local restaurants and bakeries as a treat. And on the rare occasions when I do eat at Taco Bell — say twice a year — I leave the extra hot sauce on the counter.

    1. Yeah, I have a lot of nugget dipping sauces from Wendy’s, McDonalds, and Burger King. So much that I’ve started to wonder if there isn’t something else I can do with them. A Sweet&Sour stir fry? A honey mustard baked chicken?

  2. I feel like a poll could be done for the standard Chinese food sauce packets as well, ie soy sauce, duck sauce, and the mustard.

  3. 52 Fire
    16 Hot
    7 Diablo.

    I normally have more but I always have to bring my own sauce because my Taco Bells give you 1, sometimes 1.5 if you’re really lucky, sauce packets per item, so I occasionally go inside to stock up.

  4. I work at Taco Bell and I do go through the sauce I bring home eventually, but right now I’m at at least a few hundred. Most of these are the ones that were near a packet that burst in the case and would just be thrown away anyway because they’re covered in dried sauce. If I start to run out, I start stealing more with my dinner 🙂

  5. Fourteen at the moment. I keep them in a zip lock bag in the pantry. I have some of each kind except for the diablo sauce because I don’t like it. I’m liking the new breakfast salsa, but I wish they still had the verde sauce packets. The bottles of taco bell sauce from the store are good, but they taste different.

  6. No Taco Bell for me. I refuse to even drink their drinks. I ended up in the hospital from Taco Bell.

  7. Haven’t been to a Taco Bell since moving to Cali from the Canadian prairies where TB was the closest to Mexican food we could find.

  8. I wish you had an option that said Bottle, because I buy the bottle of their sauce at the grocery store so I don’t have to take so many of the little packets!

  9. I have a small drawer i put mine in .i do the same purge every other year . We haven’t been eating out alot either so right now we have 3 packets of katchup .it is a bit missy in the drawer. Time to clean it out. The drawer also holds candles, plastic sliver ware ,kitten feeding bottles ,napkin ,lighters ,bag closers, chicken oven begs, and other odds and ends.

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