SPOTTED ON SHELVES: FYE Food Fight Milk Chocolate Bars

FYE Food Fight Milk Chocolate Bars

I’ll just leave the link to FYE’s store locator here. You know, just in case a French fry and ketchup-flavored chocolate bar has caught your interest. (Spotted by Jessica S at FYE.)

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6 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: FYE Food Fight Milk Chocolate Bars”

    1. The Peanut Butter & Jelly milk chocolate bar sounds like the most normal flavor out of the bunch.

  1. Alright… i don’t get the ketchup part in the “funky fry” chocolate bar, but i can see how “potato chips” and chocolate can make a great combination.
    That said, the “Muchacho Taco” can be a real winner here. One of my all time favorite chocolate “bars” was the Ritter Sport Knusper Tortilla Chips wich featured Crunchy Tortilla Chips and Corn Nuts within the milk chocolate. Though this combination was more sweet and salty and didn’t feature the jalapeno powder like “Muchacho taco” does, heat (chili and chocolate) is also something some people like in chocolate.
    So… i would try it if i could. (But yeah… ketchup (aka onion, tomato and garlic powder and chocolate is something even i would not try without hesitation)

  2. I really want to get my hands on these bars! Do you know where I could buy these online as I’m not from the US unfortunately 🙁

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