BACK ON SHELVES: Jolt Cola (2017)

Jolt Cola  2017

I didn’t know Jolt Cola went away, but I’m glad it’s back for sentimental reasons. I don’t think I would’ve made it through college without the thousands of milligrams it provided my body. For now, it’s a Dollar General exclusive, available at most of its stores. (Spotted by Brandon W at Dollar General and hat tip to David H for info about the return.)

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17 thoughts to “BACK ON SHELVES: Jolt Cola (2017)”

    1. It’s no different than Monster or Red Bull or Rockstar. It was the original energy drink.

      Getting my hands on this stuff as a kid felt like scoring drugs.

  1. not a single DG around me has gotten their stock in yet which irritates me since they advertised a nationwide release as of friday. if you cant have stock at every store then dont advertise a nationwide release. with that being said im stoked for this being back and ill continue hunting for it

    1. It took me nearly 7 stores near me to find one that had it and I had them take it off the drop stock cart and let me buy the one case they got.

      Use the Jolt Cola website map to find the good stores that should be a 100% chance of carrying in store and it is not in the drink aisle. It is Plano’ed in the dollar deals (10 for 10) section near the bottom shelves of that area.

    2. I checked every Dollar General within a hour drive and nothing and that was on Monday. I’ve visited 6-7 locations.

  2. It’s not now, nor has it ever been off the market. Nor is it only at Dollar General. You can buy it at any BevMo….in glass bottles and with real sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup.

  3. @Rob: Jolt was only produced by 7-Up in California.. Plus, not everyone lives in (or willing to drive to) a BevMo, considering they’re only in WA, CA, and AZ. Ya know, especially for those of us on the east coast..

    @Faygo Fanboy: Do you also wonder why people drink Monsters/Red Bull/Rockstar, etc?? They’ve got more caffeine in them than a Jolt does..

    Totally looking forward to finding these however. I remember getting weird looks for buying Jolt. Here’s hoping for Josta!! And Jolt’s “energy drink” that came in cans that looked like giant batteries. God I loved those.

    1. I’m really hoping for a return of Josta, too. That stuff was delicious.

      I don’t think I’ve ever tried Jolt, though. Time to start looking for it…

  4. I still remember the surreal experience of trying to order computer stuff over the phone with a customer service person who was in the middle of her second shift of the day, fueled by Jolt. She was so wired that it was hard to get her to focus…. Very talkative, though. Her, not me.

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