FAST FOOD NEWS: Popeyes 1/4 LB Popcorn Chicken and Loaded Cajun Fries

Popeyes Popcorn Chicken

From now through October 29, Popeyes is offering a deal featuring a quarter pound of its Popcorn Chicken, a side, a buttermilk biscuit, and your choice of dipping sauce for $4.

Popeyes Loaded Cajun Fries with Cajun Gravy

The chicken chain is also offering for a limited time its new Loaded Cajun Fries with Cajun Gravy. The menu item is made up of a layer of Cajun Fries topped with chopped bacon and cheese. The side also comes with a side of creamy Cajun Gravy.

The combo and Loaded Cajun Fries are available at participating locations.

If you’ve tried either one or both, let us know what you think of it in the comments.

(Images via Popeyes website.)

8 thoughts to “FAST FOOD NEWS: Popeyes 1/4 LB Popcorn Chicken and Loaded Cajun Fries”

  1. The gravy comes layered on the fries and the side item there in the dipping cup is buttermilk ranch dressing.

  2. The popcorn chicken isn’t great. You might like them if you love white meat, but these don’t hold up to KFC back in the day (not KFC now, it’s horrible)

  3. I wonder if Popeyes would be successful in the UK? We have KFC (albeit slightly different to US), and lots of generic copy cat places called Chicken Hut, Chicken Spot, chicken anything, but i’ve always liked the idea of Popeyes, although i hardly went there when i used to visit the states alot.

  4. The loaded Cajun fries were awesome, although quite salty, which I personally liked. Lots of bacon, too. Yummy

  5. I tried the popcorn chicken and it was great until i tasted how spicy it was. If they decrease the spicy level from medium to mild I would have love it. Its perfectly crispy and I love that is white meat!!!

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