COMING SOON: Post Chips Ahoy and Nutter Butter Cereals

Nutter Butter Chips Ahoy Cereals

Later this month, Post will be putting out two new cookie-inspired cereals — Chips Ahoy and Nutter Butter cereals. The two follow the return of Post Oreo O’s, which came back earlier this year.

Here’s what the press release about them said:

Chips Ahoy Cereal — For all the chocolate cookie lovers out there, this is a chip off the old block! NEW Chips Ahoy cereal puts the taste of America’s Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie right into your breakfast bowl.

Nutter Butter Cereal — Peanut shaped pieces offer a crunchy bit of fun. A creamy coating with REAL peanut butter tops them off with the Nutter Butter flavor you love. Skip the toaster and serve up this crunchy and creamy breakfast treat!

Both cereals retail for $3.98 and will be on shelves beginning December 26. Happy Belated Christmas! Or Happy Kwanzaa! They’ll be available exclusively at Walmart until April 1. Happy April Fool’s Day! You can also order them via beginning December 22.

(Images via Walmart.)

5 thoughts to “COMING SOON: Post Chips Ahoy and Nutter Butter Cereals”

  1. I got to try the Nutter Butter cereal. It’s absolutely delicious. Much better than like PB Cap’n crunch, but it has about the same nutritional value

  2. It would have to be amazingly bad to not blow cookie crisp out of the water. Or milk, as the case may be. Cookie Crisp leaves behind a waxy film in the bowl, on the spoon, and on the tongue. Ugh.

  3. You know, for how often Oreo comes out with new cookie flavors I’m genuinely shocked they would expand the product lineup before releasing a ton of limited edition or seasonal Oreo O’s flavors… I would be pretty thrilled to see a Red Velvet Oreo O’s cereal… these are good, too, though!

  4. So pumped for this. I always bring back a bunch of packs of nutter butter when I am in the US shopping (we NEED these up here in Canada) and it looks like it’ll be a case of this new cereal now too

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