SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Fiber One Limited Edition Birthday Cake Baked Bars

Fiber One Limited Edition Birthday Cake Baked Bars

Update: We reviewed it! Click here to read our review.

Happy Birthday, Fiber One! I have no idea how old you are. (Spotted by Deb at Walmart.)

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3 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Fiber One Limited Edition Birthday Cake Baked Bars”

  1. Happy Birthday Fiber One! For anyone that ever begged for the corner piece of a store bought bday cake, these won’t satisfy that sweet tooth! I, however, think they are deluscious (cross between delicious/luscious)! It will wire kiddos sufficiently!

  2. Please help me understand the virtue of birthday cake anything! All it is is sugar upon sugar with an underlying hint of vanilla. I personally think it’s disgusting. I’m the only American in a family of Europeans. I didn’t grow up with the love of uber sugary treats. I prefer dessert type of offerings in the more rich and flavorful category sans the major overload of sugar. No birthday cake, sugar cookie or Krispy Kreme crap for me. Even American Nutella is way too sugary.

    1. Dag, The only way I know to answer your question is this..”When I was a child… a few decades ago (I’ll be ?9 in a few days), a birthday was an occasion to come together, even if farming/harvesting was going on, and celebrate! That usually meant a homemade cake plus homemade ice cream to top it off! We ate very healthy most of the time but if a birthday was coming around it was time to really celebrate the sugar rush that was about to happen! Things changed and family members moved away but the love for something that tastes like a birthday cake and reminds us of childhood never did/does!

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