REVIEW: Limited Edition Chocolate Hazelnut Oreo Cookies

Limited Edition Chocolate Hazelnut Oreo Cookies

Can someone tell me what number Nabisco has reached with unique flavors of Oreo cookies? It has to be in competition with the number of volumes of Now That’s What I Call Music (which is up to 64, by the way. I still remember rocking out to volumes 14, 15, 16 and 17 with my brother as pre-teens). A few new flavors hit the shelves, including these Limited Edition Chocolate Hazelnut Oreo Cookies.

My first thought – which I’m guessing is everyone’s first thought – is “Are these going to taste like Nutella?” The sweet, smooth Italian spread has a flavor of hazelnut cocoa, which made me think these cookies would taste similar.

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I applaud Nabisco for the smaller package sizes they’ve had with the limited edition cookies. That way you’re not stuck with a huge amount if you don’t like them, and your waistline will thank you if you do. As I opened the package, there’s a strong scent that in my opinion wasn’t super pleasant. I couldn’t place it exactly, but maybe a little artificial?

Limited Edition Chocolate Hazelnut Oreo Cookies 4

That aside, I grabbed a serving of two cookies and dug in. At first bite, the cream inside is smooth. I’m talking super smooth – even more so than the vanilla cream in a regular Oreo cookie. Dare I say, even creamier than a Double Stuf Oreo. But here’s the catch: No trace of hazelnut found. The cream tasted like good old chocolate. My husband even tried them and he said the same thing. He tasted a hint of hazelnut on the second bite, but I still struggled.

Limited Edition Chocolate Hazelnut Oreo Cookies 5

These cookies definitely taste better than they initially smelled. I enjoyed the smooth, rich cream in the middle, and I like that they were sweet, but not overwhelmingly sweet. But I’m disappointed in the lack of hazelnut. If Nabisco is going to make a chocolate hazelnut Oreo, then they might as well partner with Nutella and make a Nutella Oreo. It would be more authentic and recognizable. My husband deemed these “Nutella’s cheaper brother.”

I debated with what to rank these cookies because here’s the dilemma: I enjoyed the taste, but they don’t taste as they are marketed. They are a nice alternative to your standard Oreo – I like flavors that have the vanilla cookies because I love vanilla-based desserts. But they missed the mark with the chocolate hazelnut flavor, and I’m interested to know if others felt the same.

(Nutrition Facts – 2 cookies – 140 calories, 7 grams of fat, 2 grams of saturated fat, 0 grams of trans fat, 0 milligrams of cholesterol, 80 milligrams of sodium, 20 grams of carbohydrates, 0 grams of fiber, 11 grams of sugar, 1 gram of protein.)

Purchased Price: $2.99
Size: 10.7 oz package
Purchased at: Giant Eagle
Rating: 6 out of 10
Pros: Smooth cream in the middle. I wish all Oreo cookies had cream this smooth.
Cons: Lack of hazelnut. They just taste like a vanilla and chocolate cookie.

16 thoughts to “REVIEW: Limited Edition Chocolate Hazelnut Oreo Cookies”

  1. To me they had a odd aftertaste, which I guess must be the ‘hazelnut’ flavoring. I give them a 3 out of 10.

  2. Regular Oreos taste great with milk. I wonder what these would be like with a hazelnut macchiato. That’s nuts!

  3. Don’t understand why they went with the golden cookie. I really feel like it overpowered the hazelnut. And I found it a little odd & artificial as well. Kind of a bummer because I think I actually proposed this flavor when they had that contest.

  4. Had these yesterday. The word “hazelnuts” is noticeably absent from the ingredients list. The cookie really could’ve benefited from their graham wafer instead of vanilla. I did like the consistent of the cream, which means they probably added more fat, but the hazelnut flavoring let me down.

  5. I haven’t tried these oreos but recently found my old Now That’s What I Call Music 2 CD and I’ve been jamming to it ever since. 10 out of 10!

  6. Those weird hot cinnamon Oreos somehow got a 10/10 (that alone should be grounds to dump that writer), and this one got a mediocre rating. The Impulsive Buy has basically given the opposite ratings to each of the new flavors as every other junk reviewer online. Gee, who should we trust? Or maybe anyone interested should just use common sense because the inherent difference in quality is obvious without putting one in your mouth: For someone with normal tastebuds, even an attempt at a hazelnut flavor will at least be worth trying, and an Oreo with a spicy filling is little more than a lame stunt.

    1. and limeade, cotton candy, fruit punch oreos aren’t “lame stunts”? they’re called limited edition flavors for a reason. They’re rating the Oreos on their opinion of the cookie and how well said flavor was executed. Just because you may not agree with the flavor of the cookie doesn’t mean they should dump the writer lol, but thanks for playing.

    2. I have to agree with this guy. A 10/10 on the Hot Cinnamon Oreos is insane, considering how polarizing hot cinnamon can be. The problem here is this blog basically has a 7/10 baseline for any LTO Oreo release. You have to pro-rate any ratings down by 2 points to get in line with reality. And anything below that line is not good at all.

      I think they go for hype to get free samples, but who knows. Hard to blame Marvo since where he is, it’s a huge help to get them direct from the manufacturer.

      Pretty spot on to Nutella, in that in just tastes like a heavy chocolate spread. However, it’s definitely devoid of any actual hazelnut flavor. Pretty tasty though – the cream invokes memories of chocolate dunkaroos and chocolate filled Smilies.

      Their co-man definitely needs to be beaten with a stick, as the basecake was overdone and like another commentator, the cream was not fully mixed homogeneously.

  7. I don’t know if my package was different than everyone else’s, but as a firm believer in eating the oreo creme separately, I noticed that the creme in my chocolate hazelnut oreos was not homogeneous. It was in fact a swirl of chocolate flavored cream with a more hazelnut based creme… eating around the two slightly varied brown cremes I could taste the difference and I found the hazelnut flavor between the chocolate! Jus sayin…

  8. They do taste artificial but there’s no doubt whatsoever that the hazelnut flavor is there. I give them a solid 7.

  9. Same for me as many others. Im surprised to hear so many people love these. It tastes like Nabisco tried to make a Nutella Oreo but sourced the creme from a flea market in Tijuana tucked between “Rolex’s” and “Oakley’s.”

    1. Oreos are not exactly high-end. You know what you’re getting before you buy them. I’m not surprised to hear that people loved these. I would be very surprised if they didn’t, TBH.

    2. I agree. Tastes incredibly artificial and honestly just plain bad. I was scanning the internet for reviews that felt the same as me because I thought surely there’d be a revolt, owing to how almost universally-loved Nutella is and how much I’d think we would all want these to do it justice. I don’t know what the problem is exactly, but I’m throwing away an 3/4 uneaten package and I don’t even feel bad about it.

  10. They totally missed the mark for hazelnut flavor. And I don’t like whatever the flavor or texture is! One of the worst Oreo flavor attempts ever.

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