REVIEW: Doritos Blaze

Doritos Blaze

Blaze. Inferno. Flame. Burn. Fire. Heat. Heatwave.

Already used.

Wildfire. Firestorm. Angry. Fury.

Hmm, possibilities.

Combustion. Conflagration.

Okay, scraping the bottom of the barrel, but I guess they would work.

What am I doing? I’m coming up with new spicy Doritos flavor names using my computer’s thesaurus. As you can see, we’re going to run out of names soon.

But that issue is for the future. Today is today and today we have a new spicy Doritos flavor — Blaze.

On the back of the bag, it says Doritos Blaze is like licking a volcano. After I read that, I wasted about an hour or so wrapping my head around what is quite possibly the dumbest thing ever printed on a Doritos bag. Are we talking active or dormant? If it’s dormant, it going to taste like the Earth. If it’s active and you’re trying to lick the lava that’s pouring out of it, I’m pretty sure your face will melt off, along with your tongue, before you can do so. Yes, this is what I spent an hour thinking about.

The next hour was spent wondering why I don’t like Doritos Blaze.

Its aroma reminds me of bell peppers. It also has a sweet and spicy smell that makes me think of Panda Express. Inhaling the air in the bag also gave me clues that these chips were going to burn.

I’ve had spicier chips, but these are packing some decent heat. The first chip isn’t so bad, but eating more will cause the heat to spike (Doritos Spike?). At a point my mouth begins to feel like I’m playing out a scene from a Game of Thrones fan fiction focusing on dragon erotica. There you go, the person who came up with the “It’s like licking a volcano” line, a line that’s dumber than yours.

Doritos Blaze 2

After consuming a few chips I had to stop eating them, but not because the heat was getting to me, even though it was and I had to grab some water. Instead, I had to stop because I didn’t care for their taste. Along with the heat, there’s an underlying sweet, peppery flavor, but it doesn’t make me want to eat more. Although they’re Doritos, there isn’t a cheesiness to them. I wish there was because they might’ve been better tasting.

Doritos Blaze is one of the most disappointing varieties of the popular tortilla chip I’ve ever had. It’s definitely spicy, but it doesn’t have a flavor that makes me yearn for it. Maybe its new name should be Doritos Bummer.

(Nutrition Facts – about 12 chips – 140 calories, 7 grams of fat, 1 gram of saturated fat, 180 milligrams of sodium, 17 grams of carbohydrates, 1 gram of fiber, less than 1 gram of sugar, and 2 grams of protein.)

Purchased Price: $3.49
Size: 9.75 oz. bag
Purchased at: Walmart
Rating: 4 out of 10
Pros: Spicy. Cool name.
Cons: Sweet, peppery flavor doesn’t work for me. Doesn’t have a flavor that makes me want to eat a lot of it. Saying “It’s like licking a volcano.”

26 thoughts to “REVIEW: Doritos Blaze”

  1. I don’t think they smelled like bell peppers, I think they smelled exactly like a jar of pickled jalapenos. I loved them. Super delicious, but way way way too spicy

    1. I entirely agree with you MISGUIDEDMOMMY, normally I agree with The reviewer on a lot of things, but I disagree with them on this one. It was hot as hell, and I love hot foods. But I couldn’t have more than a few of these at a time. They didn’t smell or taste anything like belle peppers, they indeed, had a very strong jalapeno flavor, I dare say, a bit of fruitiness like some of the other super hot peppers, but nothing like a belle pepper.

      I’d give this on spice and flavor, a 9/10 personally. I ate the whole bag, just slowly, cause woo boy, were they hot.

      This is coming from a guy who can have sriracha pepper sauce by the spoonful and not flinch.

  2. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills because I didn’t think these were spicy at all. I’ll agree they tasted bad though. Won’t be buying another bag. I wish they’d bring back the old Third-Degree Burn Doritos from a decade or so ago.

    1. I think there was some spice to it. Definitely more spice than practically any other Doritos, Habanero aside. I think they will be bringing back Habanero this year, but Blaze was a bad start for it. The smell and taste reminded me of ramen soup powder, and a mildy spicy one to me (but I’ve had every pepper and sauce up to Reapers…).

      I’d love more spice, but I know Habanero Doritos will give that to me so I’m patient =].

    2. I agree. No heat at all and a very bland unappealing flavor. I liked the 2nd and 3rd degree burn Doritos too. Currently, my favorite are Doritos Flamas (when you can find them). They have heat and lots of lime flavor, pretty good.

  3. Boring but then again, most hot-for-hot’s-sake products ultimately are. Since you’ll never see a mainstream product as genuinely “Blaze” hot, you’re left with stuff like this. Random person in the comments agrees with the score.

  4. Disappointing. I found myself dipping them in a combination of several extreme hot sauces, at that point the Dorito itself was just the substance/crunch factor to even out all of the sauce-like consistency.

  5. Did I get 2 bad bags of these? They weren’t spicy at all and tasted like tomato. Which just made me miss the salsa doritos

  6. Just had these today. A guy I was playing Overwatch with online was making a big fuss about how spicy these were, moaning and groaning. He thought they were pretty delicious so I bought some. His spice tolerance was obviously pretty low, but these had a decent kick to them. I don’t think they were half-bad, honestly. But they don’t beat spicy cheetos for flavor.

    I’m seeing a trend in the comments here, those with low spice tolerance think these are scrumptious, hehee.

  7. Yep. I bought a bag, ate some, and threw the rest away. While they are hot, here’s how Frito Lay constructed a worthless Dorito:

    1. They took away the cheese.
    2. They replaced the cheese with SUGAR. Why in the volcano hale did they add sugar? I don’t want a spicy churro.

    They’re just sweethot tortilla chips. Bland and useless. If I had a pepperhead horse, I wouldn’t even crush em in its oatbag. Those calories need to be sacrificed in the volcano in hopes of a truly spicy Dorito with its cheese genes intact and the sugar burned forever in volcano hale.

  8. You sound like a good time. Also who drinks water with spicy food? ALSO who doesn’t automatically think “this must be hot” when reading “it’s like licking a volcano.” You actually sound like you take the piss out of everything. And btw I’ve tried theses Doritos and they’re not spicy at all. A Carolina reaper on the other hand, that’s spicy. Please don’t try to make jokes anymore because you’re not funny.

    1. “You sound, also who, also who, you sound. Actually. BTW.”

      You’re so woefully repetitive and uninventive. Don’t try to make comments anymore, because you’re a disinteresting harpy.

  9. These chips are AMAZING!!!! Doritos brought the heat and the sweet. These are not dumbed down for the masses and are the best chips since Fiery Habanero. I am afraid they will discontinue these chips because (in a very whiney voice) “waaaah they’re too hot” but I pray they don’t. While these chips are not nearly as hot a Fiery Habanero, they do offer a nice kick along with a very bold burst of flavor. 3 out of 5 alarms – medium-high heat.

  10. TL;DR: I liked them and would buy them again.

    These chips are getting a lot of hate here, but I liked them. I found them pleasant, so they were enjoyable enough to buy when I want something different or could go for a binge snack.

    They were spicy, but not overbearingly so. I know they didn’t have the cheese flavor, but the sweet undertones on them (to me) helped set the chip off. As the reviewer mentioned, there is a slight, bell-peppery taste to the chips that I feel gets more prominent in the aftertaste. They’re a happy medium for some other spicy chips I’ve had.

    Of course, the name on the bag is sensationalist advertising, but it’s kind of what we’ve come to expect from our friends in the Frito-Lay marketing department. Why take it seriously at this point? For the average consumer, I would place these on the hot side. (I know a good few people that think these are hot, but what do they know?) For myself, the best descriptor is “recreational spice.” Not too hot, but spicy enough to keep eating regularly instead of in a one-off challenge. (It’s cruising speed in a sedan versus “CAR 409 IN HOT PURSUIT!!!”)

    Simply put, I’ll buy them again.

    1. EDIT: Not a bell-peppery taste, but smell. I did get a slight taste of it out of the chips, though. (Just to clarify.)

  11. I am on my 20th or so bag. I seriously can’t get enough of these. You might say I’m addicted but, seriously, I crave them constantly. I don’t think it’s easy to convey the level of heat an individual might experience when eating food as we all differ so I will only state a physical fact: These make me sweat from the forehead. Recently, I’ve had to compete with our 6 year old girl over the rights to binging on a whole bag as she has also developed a craving for them.

    Reading the review I found the author’s over-analysis of Doritos’ claim that it’s like “licking a volcano” to be pointless and unintelligent. To suggest that Doritos should inherently contain a cheese flavoring is inaccurate. I just ask that the author reviewing the product does so without calling an entity, of any sort, names as it just causes the entire article to come off as childish and unimportant.

    1. Nobody cares how many bags you ate. No one cares about your 6-yr-old. “Licking a volcano” is not a claim, it’s a marketing phrase. There’s a legal difference. Doritos have historically contained dairy, be it cheese powder, sour cream powder/derivatives, or artificial dairy flavor. The review did not call anyone or any corporation any names. You’re inaccurate and unimportant.

  12. bought a bag, tried a few, eeewww, some nasty smell/taste, tried a few more later to make sure i was right…. yup in the garbage.

  13. A little more proofreading is recommended:

    “it doing to taste like the Earth”
    “The next hour was spent wonder why”
    IMO, not that anyone asked, Blaze was an unpleasant surprise. These chips were unpleasantly sweet, and smelled something like Thai food, but not in a good way. They weren’t un-spicy, but I’ve had much hotter habanero pretzel nuggets. “Spicy” is a very subjective topic, so it’s not really worth much discussion.

    1. I know. Horrible proofreading. The writer should have his keyboard smashed as punishment. Oh wait, I wrote this review. I think the writer should be given pats on the shoulder and be told “It’s okay. Just try a little harder, buddy.” Anyhoo, thanks for pointing those out. I can’t believe no one else did so all this time.

  14. I just had my first bag tonight, with some grocery store sushi and a slice of apple pie (not that that changes anything about the chips).

    I really like the sweetness of these, and the apparent lack of cheese. Kind of salsalike, I guess, but sweeter. I will say that sometimes I will be looking for a milder Dorito. On those days, Cool Ranch will do the trick. But in general, I really liked these. It does get rather hot at the very end. A very delayed reaction, though.

    What I do not like is all the pigment. I hate getting all the nasty red stuff on my hands.

  15. I tried these just yesterday. They reminded me of a spicy stir fry. I think if Frito-Lay had called them “Spicy Stir-Fry” I’d have tried them sooner.

  16. BRUHHHH can someone tell me any pros about these chips? Many people saying its so HOT, but yall just ass at eaing spicy shit, these chips is not spicy for shit. SOOOOO i advise yall to just not eat them no more if you think these chips are spicy, byeeeeeeee bitches.

  17. I’ve proudly tried every Doritos flavor that’s come out since the mid 90’s. Suffice it to say, I am always looking down the cup aisle to find new flavors. When I saw this and read it I was pretty pumped. I made it about a quarter of a way through the bag waiting for the heat to get to me while constantly dreading eating even 1 more chip. It wasn’t because I was afraid of the heat to come though, granted that would have been pretty awesome, it was because they were do damn nasty. There was no heat at all and a flavor reminiscent of some all-vegan red enchilada wannabe sauce, a little heavy on the yellow bell pepper side. These are the worst Doritos I’ve ever had.

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