SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Blue Bunny Load’d Sundaes

Blue Bunny Load d Sundaes  Peanut Butter Bunny and Strawberry Shortcake

Blue Bunny Load’d Sundaes (Peanut Butter Bunny and Strawberry Shortcake)

Blue Bunny Load d Sundaes  Salted Caramel Pecan and Cookie Crunch  n Fudge

Blue Bunny Load’d Sundaes (Salted Caramel Pecan and Cookie Crunch ‘n Fudge)

Blue Bunny Load d Sundaes  Mint Chocolate Chunk Chocolate Brownie Bomb and Cookie Dough Co

Blue Bunny Load’d Sundaes (Mint Chocolate Chunk, Chocolate Brownie Bomb, and Cookie Dough Co.)

There’s also a Bunny Tracks variety. But if you follow Blue Bunny closely, you probably figured out there was a Bunny Tracks version because when the brand has a new line there’s ALWAYS a Bunny Tracks flavor. (Spotted by Bob K at Giant Eagle.)

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7 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Blue Bunny Load’d Sundaes”

  1. These reminds me of the old time sundaes that would be in the freezer aisle with the chocolate/strawberry sauce running on the sides and served with a wooden spoon.

  2. Wow I’d love these. Currently losing weight and looking for that occasional small sized cold treat. I’m a fan of that specific brand as well.

    1. They’re about 500-600 calories each based on the information I could find, so no small treat. For that many calories, I’ll go to Dairy Queen.

      1. Yeah usually if you want a small treat these kind of cups are definitely not the way to go. They’re great if you still want to indulge & you don’t want a larger container staring you in the face after you scoop out your serving(s).

    2. They’re 440 calories so not a weight loss friendly snack. I had the strawberry one and wasn’t impressed at all. It seemed to be a lot of whipped cream with some strawberry syrup and bits thrown in.

  3. I would really like to taste this but i cant get the lid off.. Maybe tomorrow


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