WEEKEND GIVEAWAY: $25 Sonic Drive-In Gift Card

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FULL DISCLOSURE: I received this $25 Sonic Drive-In gift card from the PR firm that works with Sonic. I got it for posting something about Sonic’s new Cookie Jar Shakes. I could keep this for myself and use it to review a bunch of the new items Sonic releases every year, but I don’t have a Sonic near me.

I’m supposed to have a Sonic near me this year.

No, I’m not impatient. Definitely not impatient. Mmm…millions of drink combinations.

Anyhoo, this gift card would be in better hands of someone who can actually use it. So I’m giving it away to one lucky reader.


To enter The Impulsive Buy’s $25 Sonic Drive-In Gift Card Prize Drawing, leave a comment with THIS post. You can write whatever you want, but please don’t forget to fill out the email field because we’ll be emailing the randomly selected winner for his or her mailing address.

We will stop accepting entries on Sunday, May 13, 2018 11:59 p.m. Hawaii Standard Time. Only one comment allowed per person, and it’s only open to U.S. residents 18 years old or older.

Good luck!

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296 thoughts to “WEEKEND GIVEAWAY: $25 Sonic Drive-In Gift Card”

  1. I have tried Sonic food once and that was when I was seven. This would motivate me to try it again!

  2. I finally live in a place where there is a Sonic. I’m enjoying the all the food I’ve scene on the commercials.

  3. I can’t imagine not living near a Sonic. There are at least 8 within a 25 mile radius of me.

  4. Tried to try one of their new shakes last night but the line was wrapped around onto the street!

  5. I absolutely HAVE to have this gift card. Sonic is The Best — no other shakes come near!!

  6. Onion ringsss
    Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper Float ?
    I wanna try the new cookie shakes too

  7. I love Sonic! When I travel I always map my route to include one or two just so I can have a cherry limeade slush while I drive!

  8. The closest Sonic to me as a little over 20 min away on the highway but I make the trip often. Love the corndogs and soft pretzel twists. I cannot wait until summer to try the new pickle juice slushies! Would LOVE to put this gift card to great use!

  9. This would be an awesome way to end Teacher Appreciation week for me! Thanks for sharing with your followers!

  10. I grew up on Sonic, then moved to an area that didn’t have one. Then they got one, but the line was two hours! I love my chili cheese coney, but that was too much! Luckily the buzz died down some, so we could finally enjoy a cherry limeade without the wait.

  11. I love Sonic but have only had it once or twice — clearly, I need to fix this situation!

  12. I miss the podcast, but remain a loyal (albeit new) reader! Keep up the content!

  13. We always hit sonic up on the 4th of July weekend while we are out of town, this would be awesome to win!

  14. I love Sonic Chicago Hotdogs and Tater Tots. They are Delicious!!!!!!!! Now thank you very much for your website. Showing us what’s new at the stores and what is new at the fast food and restaurants. I go to your website Monday through Saturday. Keep up the Good work. You are the best. So 100 ? for you.

  15. sonic’s french fries are AMAZING! pair them with chicken strips and a chocolate shake….HEAVEN.

  16. I really want one of those dipped cones they showed in the commercial but I’m cheap and usually in bed by 8pm when things get half price. This$25 would be well used!

  17. Love me some sonic~ I wish I had one a bit closer to us although it is worth the drive!

  18. The Impulsive Buy is a favorite daily site. Thank you for this opportunity!

  19. There are 3 Sonics near me. My family and I go at least once a week if not more. We would use it up in no time. Love Sonic.

  20. Sonic… sweet delicious Sonic… OM NOM NOM!!! #wanttowin…BADLY!!! 😛 <3 Ty for running this contest! 😀

  21. Wait…Cookie Jar Shakes?!?!??! Now those sound amazingly delicious! I will take the Banana Nutter Butter shake. Add some chili cheese tots and an amazing burger and that would make an amazing meal! But of course, the kids will get their food first! What will they choose? Something delicious, I’m sure!

  22. Never been to a Sonic but always wanted to try it since they have such a variety of great choices.

  23. Wish I had one closer to me, but it’s still definitely worth driving out to one. 10/10

  24. I’ve never been to Sonic, but one just opened up near me and a Cookie Jar shake sounds uhh-meezing.

  25. I really love Sonics tater tots and they have absolutely delicious coffee drinks at far cheaper prices than other places.

  26. Thanks for the generous giveaway! I’d love to treat my family to Sonic. We havent been there in a while.

  27. I recently tried their Chips Ahoy flavor and it was awesome Would try it again

  28. They’re building one a mile down the road from me this summer, this would be great!

  29. OMG, sonic. Best drink stop ever.
    I go there both more and less than I should. Route 44 size forever.

  30. If I win I’m gonna spend the entire $25 all at once and have a crazy day doing that! thanks.

  31. Sonic is the only thing we have in my town. That and subway ? so needless to say sonic is a routine.
    Would really love and appreciate this!

  32. I travel to and from a nearby major city a few times a month, late at night, and this gift card would make it so much easier to eat around 2 AM!

  33. I love Sonic! Going there during happy hour in the summer months and getting an apple limeade is awesome!

  34. I would use this $25 worth of Sonic to hit on Ellie Kemper and try to get her to leave her husband for me.

  35. I remember when there was none in my state and they were playing commercials nonstop! I think 1-2 years later they built ONE and it was constant traffic there for at least two years. Great marketing on their part!

  36. I still think about Bubblegum slushes 15+ years after they were discontinued, just sayin.

  37. What a nice offer! And, this is w hy having a Sonic is so very important. Sure, they have about a zillion drinks and snack options, but, they have also have something so much more important to crazy people like me: CRUMBLY ICE, which they SELL. Those tiny, somewhat soft, chew-able icy nuggets are preferred among ice connoisseurs. Great in drinks, great in punch bowls, great under under your dip bowls at parties, great in smoothies, great to chew when you’re sick. Sonic sells their ice in 20 lbs bags because they know how much people love it. I bought a 20lb bag and took it with me to Kaiser Permanente Hospital and fed it to my sister, in a Stainless Steel Yeti cup, while she recuperated. It’s that special. May I please have the honor of spending your card on ICE? Plus a milk s shake and tater tots — because milk shakes and tater tots are also necessary in recovery. 🙂

  38. Gotta love Sonic. My mom gets a kick out of eating in the car there. She says it brings back memories of old school days when waitresses on roller skates would serve you.

  39. Yesssss. Sonic used to do Tax Day special for half off drinks.. I know they have “Happy Hour” but I was always working during that time.. so it was my once a year splurge. I looked up drink combos to try and would order between like 4 and 8 drinks. They always looked at me weird but whatever lol

    My FAVORITE one is “Tootsie Pop” : Coke base, add cherry, chocolate and grape. Good stuff. Now I’m craving one.. That and a strawberry watermelon limeade.

  40. My Sonic servers just ring up my total before I even order each weekday. It’s like my own personal “Cheers”.

  41. I’m still upset they got rid of their chicago dog but their happy hour makes up for it.

  42. If I win the gift card then I will be running to Sonic faster than a hedgehog who goes by the same name.

  43. I don’t have a Sonic that close to me but when I have gone there, I like to get the Cherry Limeade and onion rings, which are surprisingly good.

  44. My boss once gave me a $5 Sonic card for a job well done…have to wait for happy hour to get anything but $25 would be good anytime

  45. I love Sonic! Have not been there in awhile so was so excited to see that they expanded to some Northeast states

  46. I’ve always thought Sonic looked interesting, but I’ve never tried it. Winning this gift card would make that wondering a reality 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  47. Moving next month to the town where Sonic was born. Would be a nice moving gift!

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