SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Snickers Fiery, Salty & Sweet, and Espresso

Snickers Fiery Salty  Sweet and Espresso

Update: We reviewed them! Click here to read our review.

Wait. No voting to keep one on shelves? No winner to return? No losers that will probably also return? (Spotted by Caitlin J at ShopRite.)

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4 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Snickers Fiery, Salty & Sweet, and Espresso”

  1. I hate spicy chocolate so I didn’t try that one but here’s my quick run down for anyone interested:

    Salty & Sweet: Normally I loved salted chocolates, but it was just weird in this bar. The salt didn’t complement any of the ingredients, not something I’ll get again. Almost too much salt, really.

    Espresso: Again, sort of weird and the coffee flavoring didn’t complement anything in the bar. Very strong coffee smell, however! I didn’t enjoy it enough to finish it straight out of the package, but my golly – I froze it and EVERYONE HAS TO TRY IT THIS WAY. When you put it in the freezer, it tastes 100% like a coffee flavored Heath candy bar!

    Conclusion: Snickers should have used dark chocolate for all of these flavors, that probably would have made the flavors not clash as much. But, if you must try one, make sure you pop it in the freezer first. This way will not disappoint – I promise!

  2. If they had used dark chocolate I wouldn’t have considered buying them, not everyone likes dark chocolate. I would recommend eating at room temperature. The Salty and Sweet is worth buying in my opinion.

  3. that sounds like a very good idea to freeze the bar if i can find it in the stores , i would like to try the coffee one . thank you for the idea .

  4. I agree it is better frozen. Hope they keep the Espresso flavor I’d buy them every week. Brought at least six last week.

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