Spotted on Shelves is showing off what was in the aisles at this year’s Summer Fancy Food Show (FFS) in New York City. I scoped out new products from familiar brands and interesting things from up-and-coming companies.

As is the nature of trade shows like this, I was plied with free samples and the occasional tote bag. This did not affect what was chosen to appear in this column or my opinions of the products, but it did affect my waistline.

Are you a savory? Love anything salty, meaty, smoky or spicy? The Fancy Food Show had loads of new and future products that will push your umami button.

Bantam Bagels Egg Bites (Original, Swiss Cheddar Garden Veggie, Pepper Jack Chipotle, and Gruyere Onion Thyme)




Shark Tank alum Bantam Bagels are introducing a new line of their signature mini bagel balls with an egg & cheese filling instead of their regular cream cheese. A hearty thanks from all the cream cheese haters like myself! These came out of the toaster oven with a thick crust, the inside was soft and chewy and the filling was silky and cheesy. I had the original, so it was a simple flavor profile – bagel, egg, cheese. I will definitely be trying the other flavors when they hit shelves.

Available exclusively in Target starting in July, wider distribution to follow.

Stonewall Kitchen / Legal Sea Foods collaboration (House Tartar Sauce, House Cocktail Sauce, and Signature Salad Dressing)


I didn’t sample these, but seafood lovers might want to be on the lookout for these next year. Stonewall Kitchen is teaming up with Legal Sea Foods, the Boston-based restaurant chain / online fishmonger (had to slip that word in – it delights me) to bring their signature sauces to the home market.

Coming in 2019.

Holy Smoke Smoked Olive Oil


At first taste, this is just a good olive oil. After a few seconds, a subtle smoky aroma sneaks in. Surprising but pleasant.

Available now at select grocery stores.

Tio Gazpacho Chilled Soups (Clasico, Verde, De Sol, Maiz, and Rosado)



Cold soup in a bottle. Sounds like the beginning of an elaborate prank, but these were tasty and could be a handy (and healthy) lunch-on-the-go. I liked that this isn’t just gazpacho, it’s five different gazpachos that were all very different. The watermelon cilantro cayenne was the standout flavor for me.

Available now in select Whole Foods, Walmart, Kings and Amazon.

Field Trip Spicy Apple Buffalo Style All Natural Chicken Bites



I’ve never had Buffalo wings in my life, yet somehow I know what that sauce tastes like. These chicken jerky bites definitely tasted like Buffalo sauce, but weren’t super-hot. The apple dropped a mellowing sweetness into the mix. If you’re a wing fan, these are a good snack to keep around for when the craving hits you.

Available in the next few months at supermarkets and drugstores nationally.

Den’s Hot Dogs with Mild Chili, Pineapple Chutney, Tomato and Onions, Sweet Relish, or Sauerkraut.



I’ve always been sheepish to admit I like microwave hot dogs, but I’ve been vindicated by the Fancy Food Show! Den’s Hot Dogs are frozen and come with a bun and condiments already in place. Just nuke ‘em for a minute and you’re ready to go. Is this the end of the dreaded 10 hot dogs/ 8 buns math conundrum?

I sampled the pineapple chutney-covered dog, and it was pretty good! The bun ends up steamed and a little on the soft side for my taste (I’m a crusty bread person) but the hot dog itself was plump and had nice texture & flavor. They have novelty appeal, but would be great to have on hand when a fleeting ‘dog urge hits you.

Available now online, coming to QVC soon and testing at Walmarts in Texas & Florida this fall.

Pure Bred Idiot Hot Sauce Roulette and Hot Sauce




The most fun booth at the show was the Ass Kickin’ Hot Sauce. I love this brand’s packaging and sense of humor. Their latest product is a hot sauce roulette game. 12 hot sauces of increasingly masochistic heat levels with a spinner.

I did not sample this product, as I’m a lily-livered hot sauce coward, but if you’re a daredevil with desensitized taste buds, this could be a hoot! And if you want to cut to the chase, just buy the bottle of #12, Pure Bred Idiot Hot Sauce.

Available now at Cost Plus World Market, Cabelas, Bass Pro Shops, Amazon and select specialty retailers and gourmet shops.

Happi Foodi Frozen Foods (Chicken & Dumplings, Barbacoa Mac & Please, Mozzarella and Green Chili Arepas, Buffalo Chicken Avocado Egg Rolls, Tostones with Fruit Salsa, Tequila Lime Chicken, Skewerless Kabobs, and Cuban Egg Rolls)







This is a brand-spanking-new frozen food line from the makers of WaffleWaffle. Their Cuban Egg Rolls were on hand for sampling. I generally don’t like hot ham & cheese, but I thought it was a solid product and the crust was well-executed. I’d like to try the other products in this line.

Exclusively available in Walmarts starting in October, wider distribution to follow.


  1. The Bantam Bagels Egg Bites were tasteless. Really bad.

    Didn’t try the Field Trip buffalo chicken, but did try a lot of their other products. Good stuff.

    Everything else I either didn’t see or passed on trying.

  2. seems odd that the happi foods products have the same image on the packages no matter what the contents are (the boxed items are appropriately designed at least). I was really confused as to why chicken & dumplings looked like penna pasta and then realized the mac & cheese next to it had the same plate.

    1. It’s probably just because it’s a display item for this convention. I’m sure the finished product will have different photos.

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