COMING SOON: Lay’s 2018 Tastes of America Flavors

Lay s 2018 Tastes of America Flavors

Lay’s latest attempt to convince us to buy more than one bag of its chips during one shopping trip involves EIGHT flavors.

• Thai Sweet Chili
• Fried Pickles with Ranch
• Cajun Spice
• Chili Con Queso
• Crab Spice
• Deep Dish Pizza
• Lobster Roll
• Pimento Cheese

This photo is from the back of a regular bag of Lay’s chips. It was send in by reader Robbie. There’s a promotion that goes with these chips that starts on 7/30/2018, so expect this line to show up on or a little before that date.

6 thoughts to “COMING SOON: Lay’s 2018 Tastes of America Flavors”

  1. I have had the Crab Spice, at its worst it upsets your stomach and at its best it slightly tastes like old bay.

  2. I’m 99.9% certain these are rejected Do Us a Flavor submissions, because I submitted lobster rolls as a joke a couple of years ago

    1. Well Billy C I would not say rejected per say…. More like semi finalist flavors that did not make the final four.

  3. Almost all of these seem like they would be better as a Ruffles or Baked, rather than the default greasy Lays.

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