SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Welch’s Multigrain Fruit Puffs (Strawberry, Mixed Berry, and Concord Grape)

Welch s Multigrain Fruit Puffs  Strawberry Mixed Berry and Concord Grape

Fruitos? (Spotted by Carla at Bi-Mart.)

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11 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Welch’s Multigrain Fruit Puffs (Strawberry, Mixed Berry, and Concord Grape)”

  1. These are dangerously good. I got them from 7Eleven and regret not picking up two bags. Can’t find them at Wal-Mart or anywhere else 🙁 It’s hard trying to find good and tasty snacks that are gluten-free. I’d buy these on the regular, but with my luck, they will only be available for a limited time…

  2. We saw these and Winco and went “There is no way these can be good WE HAVE TO TRY THEM.” Got home, popped open the bag, and “Oh no… they’re actually good.” General consensus among the friend group is that the Wild Berry ones are reminiscent of Crunch Berries cereal. They’ve got a nice hard smooth coating, no powder on them. Every single person I’ve shown them to has said “They look like fat hot Cheetos.” Honestly I’m probably gonna buy some more for desk snacks at work.

  3. A bag of the grape flavor was given to a coworker, who brought them in to work for snack time, (we are teachers in a special needs school). We agreed that it would be a healthy snack for the children, some of which have dietary restrictions. Everyone LOVED them, both students and children ?. However, we can not find them in stores anywhere?. If anyone knows where we can get more PLEASE let us know.

    1. A healthy snack!? They’re nothing but sugar lmao. Sure you’re not actually a student there? LOL ? ? ?

  4. I brought a bag of the strawberry and grape and absolutely loved it!!! went back to that seven eleven with hopes to stock up and was out of luck… so now I’m on line with hopes to find and buy them…

  5. 7 feathers truck stop in canyon I’ll, or has a lot of them and my husband adds chocolate covered bacon.

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